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I read daily...only have posted once. But thinking back to the Card question. Has any thought been given to 'key cards' ? Like are used in hotel rooms? I don't remember FBIanon exact comments on cards. But so many rooms open with those keycards, so maybe there is a company that makes them? Or the software to program them at front desks etc.


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Definition of "cards"

  1. a piece of thick, stiff paper or thin pasteboard, in particular one used for writing or printing on: "some notes jotted down on a card" synonyms: cardboard · pasteboard · board · Bristol board

  2. a small rectangular piece of plastic issued by a bank, containing personal data in a machine-readable form and used chiefly to obtain cash or credit. synonyms: credit card · debit card · bank card · charge card · gold card · [more]

  3. a playing card: "a deck of cards" synonyms: playing card · tarot card · deck/pack of cards

  4. computing short for expansion card.

  5. "YouTube Marketing… the new school way Enter YouTube Cards. YouTube Cards are a HUGE development because for the first time you’ll be able to send traffic from mobile YouTube videos to your website. This means that by simply installing the YouTube Cards to your videos, you can essentially DOUBLE your traffic, leads, and sales from YouTube."


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Something just clicked with me and I don't know how I didn't think of this before.

I work in mental health and we give meds to our residents. These meds are packaged in cards by the pharmacy so we can tell if we have given a dose and to count controlled substances. Could the cards be referring to medications?

Long shot I know but it might be something.

Edit: I am most likely wrong but leaving this comment in case it sparks another quests with someone else.


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There is an illuminati "flat earth card" https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.WwQ9Sh6eu4HVpP1PCEUZnwEsDh&w=136&h=105&c=8&rs=1&qlt=90&dpr=1.05&pid=3.1&rm=2 And there are celebrities recently saying they believe the earth is flat http://people.com/celebrity/flat-earth-celebrities-world-not-round/

Could be a signal is being sent .


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CHRIST CARD OVERVIEW By Towers Investors Group, Inc.

  1. The Christ Card will operate in the similar manner and practice as to any Visa or Mastercard credit card available in the market place, in the near future.

  2. The Christ Card provides the 106 million Christians with donations to their respective churches and/or ministries from the majority of their purchases made with the Christ Card, worldwide.

  3. Mastercard and/or Visa will administrate all of the Christ Card transactions.

  4. All Christ Card holders will receive special buying privileges from major retailers worldwide.

  5. All Christ Card holders will receive special coupon discount purchasing grace in selecting products from major retailers under our electronic buying program.

  6. Think about the tremendous online buying purchase ability!

  7. The Christ Card holders benefit from the extraordinary clothing manufacturing that will be done for us in China, which provides extreme price discounting for the highest quality of clothing available in the United States retail markets.

  8. The Christ Card holders have the benefit of gaining discounts in all of their purchases under the walk in grace serving our Lord Jesus Christ as customers and as our partners in faith, in our Christ Card family.

  By: Steven Hoffenberg

President and CEO



Does 'Churches' include a small temple on Little St. James Island and does 'Ministries' include Clinton Foundation's favorite orphanages? Like in Haiti?

Steve is suing Jeffrey Epstein. The multi-millionaire is being accused in a new civil lawsuit brought by a former business partner (Hoffenberg) of ripping off 200,000 small to mid-size investors out of what could amount to $1 billion, including interests. The lawsuit could finally lift the veil on how the secretive Epstein became rich enough to hire a dream team of lawyers to represent him in his now-closed underage sex criminal case, including star defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz and former Monica Lewinsky prosecutor Ken Starr.

...What’s unusual about the new lawsuit is that Hoffenberg, who also happens to run a major PAC for presidential candidate Donald Trump, is also a convicted felon.

He was sentenced to 20 years in a federal prison for his role in the Ponzi scheme he ran from the late 1970s until 1993, when authorities figured out what was happening.

While prosecutors allegedly offered to reduce Hoffenberg’s sentence in exchange for information about Epstein’s role in the scam, Hoffenberg refused to cooperate.

He served 18 years before being placed on supervised release for three years. He also paid $1 million in fines and was ordered to reimburse investors about $475million. So far, Hoffenberg has ponied up $200 million. According to Hoffenberg’s new lawsuit, however, Epstein has been enjoying the spoils of the scam for the past 30 years.

Read more: http://archive.is/VVmQY#selection-1157.0-1156.1

This has some links as well: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1587483 Ponzi scheme allegations: http://archive.is/uj9MH & http://archive.is/LwHvv Hoffenberg connection: http://archive.is/PoCtV


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shill zone


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I'm highly doubtful that the "cards" refer to the Illuminati game. That would seem pretty silly for FBI Anon to reference these IMHO.

There was the email to Gabe that referenced his BDay cards... but, this seemed pretty straightforward.

There was another theory floating around on Reddit - but I'm struggling to remember what it was.


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This should go to Conspiracy


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Not card related but FBIanon predicted suicides including those from Wall St.....

Today I read that a hedge fund manager/partner at Paulson & Co jumped out of his 24th story room today.

He was one that lost a lot of money (other people's) in the Madoff scheme as well.

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