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If Trump doesn't fix the problem then the people will. It's as simple as that.

Hillary Clinton destroyed what was left of the Democrats credibility. Pizzagate is so toxic it will dissolve anything that tries to contain it.

Then there's Mango-gate where we find out Hillary Clinton and the CIA are getting rich selling heroin to poor black people. They didn't make enough money selling them crack evidently.

This whole house of cards is coming down one way or the other. I would hope Trump has the balls to do it.

If the people have to do it that's when the guillotines come out. During the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution they killed 16,594 aristocrats a.k.a. the "0.01%".

That's 160,000 adjusted for the American population today. If the people have to bring this thing down there won't be a living soul who showed more than $10,000,000 on their W2 form.

The story has happened over and over and over again throughout History. The most recent example that comes to mind is Pol Pot and the Kmer Rouge. They didn't have W2 forms. They just killed anyone who lived in a city.

Go watch "The Killing Fields", this is a reality here in America today. It's fucking horrible. That's why I think Trump will bring this down because he knows he dead if he doesn't. We've all seen the massive crowds he draws. It's inspirational. But it cuts both ways, if he lets those people down he's done. There will be no more bull shit. The assault weapons come out and people start forming militias which DING DING DING they are constitutionally allowed to do.

You'll see the Massachusettes 59th or the Texas 97th whoever the fuck knows what they'll name themselves. The government won't be able to arrest them. They'll try though. It won't work. They can't arrest everyone.

They'll just sit and drill for 3 to 6 months and do some saber rattling and they won't even have to fight most likely. But that is where we fucking are right now in America.

Here ya go you dumb elitist mother fuckers who think keeping your fraud going is even an option.

This one's for you.

I'm one of the Irish who made it. I've been to the top of the mountain.

And what I saw was your dumb ass getting dragged around by your intestines.

I'm Ivy League. I got my ass civilized.

Many didn't have the luxury.

Like these crazy Irish fucks:


You'll need to their sympathy.


Not mine.

Wouldn't that be poetic justice.

You blew up their city on 9/11 remember?

Remember that one? You thought you'd get away with it.

You got so close too.

What's that? You thought we knew?

No bro, we're Irish. We trusted you. We didn't think a human capable of such evil. It never crossed our minds.

And then you fucked up. Tsk tsk.

Seek alternative lodging.

Move to your vacation house in Jackson Hole.

And remember to pray.

Oh wait, you don't believe in God.

............Best of luck then.

The truth always comes out. Always has and always will.

Payback's a bitch mother fuckers.



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They are hoping we forget about it all.


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"They are hoping we forget about it"

There's no way to forget what we've seen and sadly continue to see on a daily basis. Just last week I thought we'd hit bottom. I was wrong.


The CIA, ISI and Hillary Clinton thought it would be cool to import heroin from Pakistan to make a little walking around money.

It's fucking insane.


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This is total BS! Come on!


[–] doubletake ago 

are you saying Trump is the Anti-Christ? If so, deception is the name of the game.


[–] ZalesMcMuffin ago 

The video maker said that the black guy said "33 of the 38 under the blood". I think he stumbled on his words and restarted his statement; I think he said "Thirty -- 3 of the 38 under the blood". Not 33. 3, after first starting to say "thirty"-something.

Trump may have said "I'm a mason"; it does sound like that. But I'm not sure.

Anyway, he can help us or GTFO of the way, Mason or not.


[–] Forgetmenot ago 

Masons communicate to each other through handshakes and codes. They don't come out and say I am mason....lol I was not convinced by this video.


[–] Winter_Folger ago 

"That's actually amazing, I wouldn't know."


[–] Gbuggers ago 

The majority of the free masons are good people and they do some hood thingd. It is the satanic illuminati that are 33 degree and higher that are the ones that are bad. They dont just. Join the free masons and then get to know everything. They pick who they know will go along with it and spend years at it. All free masons are not bad. Its the higher up satanic levels most dont ever get there.


[–] IPleadThe2nd ago 

Yes good people who are tricked or fooled into joining that Satan worshipping club. Most masons don't understand what it's all about and are kept at the low levels


[–] IDeliverPizza [S] ago 

Except there's no way trump is at the bottom levels lol


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OF COURSE he's a Freemason! There is a TON of other evidence out there.besides this clip.

THINK for a second, if you can, people. EVERY "elected" POTUS since 1789 - for the past 228 years -- has been a crypto Jew Illuminatus. Do you REALLY think that suddenly, in 2016, "they" changed course and did something different?

The Drumpf family hails from the Heberdens in Scotland. The Donald's mother said that in an interview. HEBER = Hebrew, DEN = DAN.

Donald Trump is a Tribe of Dan crypto Jew. Do you REALLY believe that a NONplayer would get to be a billionaire at all, but especially in JEW YORK!?

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