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it keeps me going that you guys keep going, despite being ridiculed and worse. Regardless, you press forward, because you know the truth and you know it is the right thing to do. Bless you guys for that. :,(

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Thanks! Yeah... the louder the "fake news" and "Russia!" news becomes... and the quieter the MSM gets on the actual arrests occurring in the arena of child endangerment, the closer we "know" we are getting.

Wayyyyy too many links to ignore.

Red pill those with even the slightest ability to open their mind beyond CNN and the truth shall eventually spill forth.

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Fake News and Russia... Dear God, yes. Yesterday's hearing and Comey's testimony was a total circus. They think we're idiots. Pathetic. I wanted to vomit.

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Many are lamenting the lower level arrests but you bring up an important point. The MSM has been consistently ignoring these arrests and feeding an alternative narrative about Russia, building up a huge amount of pressure in both investigations. One thing that could bring both these situations to a dramatic shift is a high level arrest of a top intel official, politician or media figure. The liars have overplayed their hand and the theater yesterday between Comey, Democrats and the MSM was painfully inauthentic and surreal. I feel we're seeing the most pure definition of a 'House of Cards' .

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Don't forget to ask about the stray bullet that accidentally went into their computer system, straight into the hard drive!!

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LolZ. That was the most obvious scam/lie of the entire false flag event.

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It would destroy any chance of having that hard drive confiscated in the event of a future investigation. "The hard drive was destroyed in the shooting, so we trashed it." What can you seize or investigate? The secret rooms? They probably cleaned that up as well. It's harder to clean up a hard drive, except maybe with bleach bit. Even so, better to just destroy it. It's cheaper too.

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Just because you foia relevant data doesnt mean they will give it up. Worth a try though look at sandy hoax and all the stonewalling around basic evidence like dash cam vids from police cars. What a fucking joke.

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Good. I still have doubts about how this would help but whatever helps get to the truth I'm all for it. Even if the more disinformation or misinfo to sift through.

This is the falsely false flag I have ever heard of. Guy brings ar15 to CPP to "rescue children trapped in basement". Shows the consequences of assault weapons and fake news - two targets of the NWO. So much wrong with this freaking story. "He just wanted to help!" - yeah help erase his precious dwi's by agreeing to participate in this charade!!! Oh yeah and I am pretty sure no one ever claimed that CCP was never "keeping children locked up in the basement"!!! Even day one it was established that this is a moving ring with tunnels and everything. There is just no way that this is not fabricated!!!

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I saw an actor standing in the middle of a street. His hands are on his head, why? If he was confronted outside the CPP, where is his gun? As soon as he drops it and puts hands on his head they would move in and secure the weapon and you'd see him tackled and cuffed. So, why is he walking around still in the middle of the street without being cuffed? To get it on camera for the scene? Where are the bullet holes and damage to the restaurant? Did this really even happen? Hopefully your FOIA requests will include photos of the alleged shooter holding a weapon and any evidence this occured. I have no doubt this was a fake "fake" news story. Please try to get any info into the traffic accident, as well. What were the circumstances of that event? Where did it happen, time of day, and other info to make sure it was an accident and not something else.

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Thanks for your diligence in researching the reports at the time. This one really tells the story. The boys were walking down the road. Even if Welch were speeding, the boys should not have been in the roadway after dark. You can't see somebody until you are right up on them. People assume you can, and will just go around them. Why would the guy need to blow the horn?! What it tells me is that this was not necessarily an incident that Welch could be leveraged over. Which is all I wanted to ascertain.

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Posted about the accident in the comment section.

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Edgar Welch's sister walks into a bar looking for her friend Gary:



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There are so many inconsistencies to this story it's ridiculous but it would be interesting to see official documentation and sourcing for what, if anything, was shot. The "facts" so far include:

There was no gun. There was a gun but no shot. He shot the floor. He shot the ceiling. He shot a lock. He shot the hard drive.

It should be easy to find concrete statements about this particular claim.

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It will be interesting to see if they respond with photos. And if they do, let's see if they get it right.

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