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I drove 4 hours to do this at the rally and wore a "expose the pedophiles" on the front and "go to voat.co/v/pizzagate and join the discussion" on the back shirt..... got held up driving thru cinci(should take 5-15 minutes) for an hour and got to the event at 7:00. it was already sold out so I just talked to a group of protestors instead

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I appreciate what you did. You guys not giving up makes me not want to give up too.

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Ay you did your best. It doesn't go unappreciated. Keep up the good work!

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Damn good job, excellent save.

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Good effort. Need more people like you.

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Timestamp would be nice.

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How'd it go? Timestamp?

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When you are on youtube and click on "share", you get the option to link the exact time. Or just click on the video with a right click …

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This is a great idea. #OperationPizzaChant

Get that trending folks.

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Whether or not this happens at this rally it's a great idea and we should promote it for future rallies and other highly visible events of all kinds.

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When did it happen? The video's over 6 hours long.

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Getting the word out that Voat/pizzagate is controlled.

I have noticed the downvote count is differen't depending on if I am logged on or not. When logged off, the threads I have donvoted show up without my downvote. Once logged on, this imediatly changes. My conclusion is that nobody else can see my downvotes. If I log back oout, the vote count shoots up again on the thread in question. Obviously I am the only one that knows I downvoted. This site is compromised. When I posed this question in pizzagate mods, abortionburger showed up and cracked a sarcastic joke.

Also, twice I have had threads removed with no explanation and no evidence they were ever posted. One was about how I believe their is no PG investigation going on and Trump went out of his way to chose to keep Comey. Odd that would get removed?

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Go check the source code if you want. The voting thing is all due to caching.

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Trump chose to retain Comey and said what a great guy he is. This is theater. There is no evidence of a PG investigation. Trump wanted Comey despite all the evidence that he was as big a criminal as John Brennan and the chief obstructor of justice. Trump's only other defense is stupidity.

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