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Been posted a bunch of times already.

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This has already been posted at least once a couple days ago.

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Three-day-old video has been posted here countless times already!

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Since her art is quite out there, it might be interesting to study her most beloved supporters and make a social map. Basel and Biennales would also be a great place to study pedo art and chatter. But that would be more for someone who is really into art and already used to looking and talking about art.

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Also see: ART? Maria Marshall uses her 2 young sons as her 'artwork' (pizzagate) | submitted 2 days ago by TrishaUK

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You can see a lot of Maria Marshall's "art" on www.teamgal.com/artists/maria_marshall

Both boys featured on the video above are her Maria's Children, sick.

Check out her piece "when I grow up I want to be a cooker" and read the sick description. WARNING is absolutely disgusting and disturbing!

Here's a small sample of the description: "The quality of the film stock and the mesmerizing repetition implicates the viewer in a sensual relationship with the child which borders on voyeuristic pedophilia." "Maria Marshall, an artist who lives and works in London, has never exhibited in the US. The subject in this video was her son, Jacob Blue, aged two years two months. When asked about his aspirations, he answered “When I grow up I want to be a cooker”. Look at the rest of her work and other artists shown on the website and judge for yourself!