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She never got the traction she should have. Former Girl Scout director for at-risk youth, a degree oriented to same, then she becomes a promoter for gross bands promoting "all ages" late night party's?

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I'm sure her girl scout job gave her a lot of access to vulnerable children, I wouldn't be surprised if she trafficked kids to voodoo doughnuts, while she was in Oregon.

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"I'm sure her girl scout job gave her a lot of access to vulnerable children"

BINGO! "Girl Scout Beyond Bars" is a program for Girl Scouts whose mothers are incarcerated. If that is not a group of "vulnerable children," I don't know what is.

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Was this a question or a plug for her site to get IP hits?

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A question to see if anybody know anything about her, she seems to be comet ping pong promoters, but she has a resume with dealing with trouble kids at The Girl Scouts in Salem, Oregon

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How fitting! Salem Oregon. Only about an hour from Portland.

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Oh okay, fair enough then.

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As usual, it's all about the "connections". Obviously, she had "an interest" in kids. That would be a perfect introduction to those who also "had an interest" in kids. Normally, managing bands (even if you bill yourself as a "promoter"), isn't that lucrative. They get a small percentage of the band's take.

It looks like this is now her full time gig. I would guess that a normal (if that's what we're dealing with here) person's needs would exceed what these scroungy bands could possibly make at Comet. Look at the door cover. How much could they be paying them?

From the outside looking in, there seems to be a rather large number of parasites attached to JA and his minions. It is obvious that he himself seems awash in cash, especially for a lowly pizza chef. If I were a famous inspector I think I'd have a difficult time rationalizing all of this.

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You do know that she's from a very wealthy family? She's also been involved in running some of said family's businesses and probably doesn't have to work a single day in her life out of any financial necessity.

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Yes, with a surname like Lord we already knew that she was of Jewish royal BLOOD.

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Well, I didn't know that but it fits.

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Sasha Lord Facebook(Comet Ping Pong music booker/promoter);



Looks like pizzagate hasnt slowed her down one bit...she is still going strong;

Sasha Lord Presents Facebook;


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I see on her archived Facebook photo she is in Russia,Russia,Russia. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Wonder if she was doing a show there ?

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Here's a way to search v/pizzagate until the good ol search tool comes back.

site:voat.co/v/pizzagate {search term here}

In this instance: site:voat.co/v/pizzagate Sasha Lord. Here's what got in the first page of results:

I found Sasha Lord's REAL name | submitted 3 months ago by AboutPerception

Is Alexandria Lord really Sasha Lord, or vice verse? | submitted 12 days ago by memnochdainfowarrior

Sasha Lord just posted a creepy photo on her IG page | submitted 1 month ago by [deleted]

Another regular Sasha Lord booking for "Kids Shows" at Comet Ping Pong | submitted 2 months ago by just_clueless

The Sasha Lord- L"enfant Cafe (Boum boum Room) Connection | submitted 3 months ago by NorthernLightsOut

Archived Dr Pong website has ties to Jimmy Comet Pizza, Sasha Lord as well as steganopraphy; symbology of torture dungeon | submitted 3 months ago by DominicTesla

Sasha Lord Birthday Party January Alternative Video (Panda Express referenced) | submitted 2 months ago by TheMinervaRule

Research Info on Sasha Lord, Alefantis' Liquor License, etv | submitted 3 months ago by darkwriter00

Sasha Lord birthday video with Majestic Ape, debunking. Clip was edited to insinuate sinister meaning. | submitted 2 months ago by [deleted]

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They all have one thing in common, they prey on the weak.

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exactly, These people have most likely infiltrated nearly every orphanage and girl/boy scouts to feed their sick desires.