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Cathy o brien had her genitalia mutilated into a face. Documented. The hampstead kids recall monster and satanic faces on genitalia of the perpetrators. This isn't a coincidence. PleAse please please look into Loving Hut restaurant. I won't sway opinions with my own. Just look and come to your own conclusion....

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An interesting idea Cathy touches on is that everyone suffers PTSD of one varying degrees, including everyone who witnessed 9/11 for example.

I really am so pleased to see that Cathy OB is coming into her own these days. She has been so ahead of the curve, and still is! She's already on it with help for recovery. In some ways we are all experiencing echoes of the traumas of the criminal cartel mind control and sex slave victims by listening and reading their stories and hearing about victims that didnt make it. Also fighting in this fight definitely brings its own set of unexpected traumes on a different level ha ha so we could all use what this brave woman has learned and has to pass on.

Here's a good recent interview with her about her life and new book and also an interesting channel to explore http://darkjournalist.com/s-obrien2.php

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Could this book help an underground journalist to gain any important new points of view? Or even to find some new evidence?

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Yes, there's a part that talks about statues that have the organs inside of them and some are created with the cremated remains. I believe this is the kind of statue Abramovic is using in her spirit cooking video where she's splashing/painting blood on a child-like statue.

Edit to add: To be more clear, in the book, O'Brien says that the statues are sold for ritual purposes and the organs and remains are from aborted fetuses and sacrificed newborns.

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omg that last edit sounds like a real horror show

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what? the statues are made with babies? Or that's what's in the spirit cooking recipes?

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The route of such statues might be worth looking into. But I'm nowhere close to do that...

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It is not evidentiary like her Book Trance Formation in America which is very informative about her experience with childhood trauma, MK-Ultra mind control, being a Monarch Presidential model, and the various people in power she was forced to service. Time for Healing is all about healing from trauma and regaining your mind.

It does emphasize an important but little known fact of time loss in MK Ultra survivors. Because diffferent personalities can be inadvertently cued, the base or main personality may sense it as an inexplicable loss of time.

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Curious to know how she learned to read and write...

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Schooling was a problem especially when Senator Byrd moved her to a parochial school where she hung out with a group of Monarchs who switched personalities all the time, in unison. No one seemed to care that her grades were poor because her mother was mind-controlled and her father was using her for personal business gain.

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Conventional therapy is 100% waste of time. The ONLY therapeutic modality that ever helped me was EMDR, and even some of those sessions didn't do anything. The practitioner's skill is a critical factor (my sessions were done by different therapists).

Anyone here take the ACEs quiz? (Adverse Childhood Experiences) My score is a freaking 9. I have only ever even heard of ONE other person who has a 9, and she is a freaking "star" since it is so rare. Even on the "Aces Too High" website there are no 9s except me.


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Thanks so much for sharing your experience and what worked for you. I have heard others say that EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) really worked. And there is no need to trust or build any emotional dependency on the therapist which is another advantage.

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8 here too

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I have taken it. I scored an 8