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He accessed 750 files related to child sexual abuse material, according to the agreed statement of facts. Of those, 241 videos and two images met the criminal standard for child pornography according to the police.

“To add insult to injury, Mr. Wattier accessed some of these files when he was off-duty, but charged overtime for his activities,” said Ontario Court Justice Katherine McLeod in her sentencing decision.

To add insult to injury, they removed the child porn charges and only convicted him on fraud.

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We MUST EXECUTE anyone who is in possession of child porn... Pedophiles are like cancer, if you do not END them immediately they will spread EXPONENTIALLY. They MUST be destroyed! There is NO RECOURSE for pedophilia. What they do to their victims is worse than death. You can NOT rehabilitate a pedophile and they WILL act against a child if not executed. If you are caught with child porn, instant bullet in the head is the ONLY answer.

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It seems to bother them more that he put in for overtime than that he watched hundreds of sickening videos.

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https://archive.is/vYC1m | https://vgy.me/CO0pna.png :

One-year jail term for cop who claimed overtime while watching child porn | Toronto Star

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Don't know why he was looking. Fact is he seems to be getting more punishment then the actors on those films. He is not the perpetrator, he is an excuse for actual action.

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Why do they have that kind of vault anyway if nobody is supposed to watch it?

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So the big wigs can watch when the little guys go home.

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Disgusting piece of filth.