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This is the point behind the Trump Russia narrative. I have been waiting for this to happen for months. They needed to condition the public to believe that when evidence of child trafficking at the highest levels of government leaks out, it is disinfo from the Russians. Pizzagate/fake news/Trump's ties with Russia all began to be memed around the same time.

They have known for a while that they cannot hide this forever. When Weiner's laptop was seized, they became especially determined to push the Trump/Russia narrative.

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The good thing about the laptop is that the NYPD got it and not the feds who would burn it. We just need to see what is going on behind the scenes between the cops and feds.

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I don't think it's a NYPD versus FBI thing. It's more of a 'bottom' versus 'top' thing, in BOTH:

"At the bottom they believe in God; at the top they worship Satan".

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But the FBI is covering up the evidence. So it looks like there is no need for all of this. I feel the Russian angle is an attempt to call Trump a traitor and fabricate justification for impeachment. But the funny thing is we are not at war with Russia. We act as if they are the enemy, but all the agression comes from us and none from them. Their state officilas are being offed, not ours.

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I thought the FBI investigated crime. Are they also going to investigate the millions of Chinese clicks CNN and NYT got.

Edit: It is nice to see how much pizzagate got into their heads. Comey has something to hide for sure.

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Something to hide like how he dresses Prince Charles and kids like Howdy Doody and has sex with them, and there's a video floating around, or how he was ceo of HSBC which funnels the clinton foundation dirty money?

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Why wouldn't someone leak that rape? It would ruin Comey. Seems fake. Why hide it? Why prolong the crimes and continue to give the FBI more time to frame/investigate people?

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Disinfo troll. That was from that shill youtube personality. He is full of shit. And so are you. So there is that.

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got into their heads for sure

make sure you guys call this garbage out on social media. i had a fbook post about being shadow banned on twitter. gonna post this link as well so that hopefully some people can be aware of the manipulation

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Tweet HOWDY DOODY shit to him!!!!!!

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Concise summary of the disinformation campaign : blame it on Russia --> blame it on Russian hackers --> blame it on Russian bots. What's next ?

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Oh, and remember. A few months back reports Russians can hack people and put child porn on computers. Link http://archive.is/6UlFy

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I'm indeed beginning to see a pattern as well, a pick-up of a massive discredit campaign. Global citizen research is unstoppable though. We are humans, the bots are just that; bots. Life > Logic. Together? Come at us ;)

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You know, they have pushed us to do exactly what they dont want, a cohesive group focused on a single project. The Genie is out of the bottle, they cannot bullshit us anymore with this fuckery, no fucking more!

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"Global citizen research is unstoppable "

Amen brother. What we're seeing now is just another battle in a 1000 year long struggle to wrestle power away from the "One Percenters".

The war's almost over. Our victory is imminent. The perps are shitting their pants right now.

Payback's a bitch mother fuckers.


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It wasn't Russian spies or Russian hackers or Russian bots or Nazi trolls or autistic anons who flew the Clintons to Epstein's rape island or assisted Silsby's child trafficking or invited the Podestas to spirit cooking dinners or got the Podestas into cannibalism and child torture art or uploaded Alefantis's creepy Instagram photos. I mean, WTF..."Russian bots", really? The ridiculous desperation on display to discredit Pizzagate only serves to further show how circumstantially substantive the scandal really is.

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Well said Sir/ Madam.

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I'm stealing this and putting it on Minds.


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Does Comey think the Russians hacked James Alefantis' Instagram account?

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They also cyber hacked his mind and implanted howdy doody fetish #damnurussians

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Huge mistake from Trump letting Comey stay. The guy has just shown himself to be completely corrupt not sure why I'm surprised

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Trump has no CHOICE!!!!! SHEESH! By LAW Comey can only be removed through impeachment or resignation. He CANNOT BE FIRED.

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Clinton fired FBI Director William Sessions about 30 hours before Vince Foster's body was found in Fort Marcie park.
Bill Clinton called him up on the phones and told him to get out... Like right now.

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Thanks to LBJ and Hoover.

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Calm down bud thanks for the input but you can cram your emotional capitals

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Lol -

"Howard said that, as an example, bots had spread links to fictional stories that accused Clinton of involvement in running a child-sex ring in the basement of a Washington pizza parlor."

Apparently we're all Russian bots now!

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In still waiting on my bag of rupees for my SUPAR RUSSIAN SHILLING LOL.

If I was actually Russian I'd be super offended right now. Like that's an actual country with actual people in it that's apparently devoting 90% of its resources towards pranking it's high school rival America

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