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This article http://archive.is/NWIf3 contains all of Acosta's letter. Yes, they were threatened and targeted by Epstein's lawyers and I think it's pretty clear that Acosta holds a grudge. Hopefully, he will get to see justice served!

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He is starting to show his true colours, I guess. Same reason he wont prosecute Clinton. Controlled opposition. Do we really believe they would let an outsider get this far?

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Its just more of Trumps 4D Pedo chess.

Trump keeps his enemies close but his pedophiles closer.

Married Trump campaign chair caught in motel room with underage boy



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The way the MSM and every entrenched organization is going after him, that doesn't add up. I saw hillary's body language and expression as well as certain media personalities and other politicians after the election, they were scared.

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That may be so, but he is still appointing Goldman Sachs banksters and doing Mossad's bidding. After 9/11 there were reports of five dancing Mossad agents, why is he trying to blame it on others now?

"Lock her up" was chanted how many times at rallies? And now "she suffered enough"? Different actors, same shit, and pedophilia continues.

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This is also a great article directly related http://www.thedailysheeple.com/bill-clinton-and-the-pedophile-the-sex-scandal-that-could-destroy-hillarys-presidential-ambitions_012015

I've been on to these Epstein cases for a while, and came to an IDEA that some of the very high level business deals might be SEALED WITH VIDEOS ON CHILD RAPE, meaning that either/both parties has one of those saved from another party to seal an agreement of trust, and neither party could deliver that forward without going down himself too. We MIGHT be looking at such case between Epstein/Clinton and/or Epstein/Trump.

Currently, there are ongoing court hearings on both how the sweetheart deal was made and on new abuse cases. The problem in the sweetheart deal was that not all the victims were informed well enough before closing the deal, and another problem was that the rights of new victims to make a case might have been reduced. I guess we're looking at years long processes, few lawyers making an awful pile of money while even more children might suffer.

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That's a great and plausible theory, really. But I seriously doubt there's something like that on Trump, he would not have fought so tenaciously, and put himself and family through this mess.

I believe he's a true patriot. Trump is not the same man he was just a year or two ago.

I see some on the forum beginning to doubt the man. It's a bit deflating, and would be to POTUS himself. Trump is doing rallies again (one tonight even I think), as he needs the people, and draws strength and energy from the people, to keep going.

If Trump is dirty, this Bible verse would not be applicable to him, and I think that it obviously is.

"The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion."

Edit: In "righteous" I simply mean a clear conscience in matters we're speaking of.

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Yeah i mostly follow your guys' links and rationale on this, but i would assume they would have used it already if they had dirt on him. The fact they only came up with the russian dossier tells me they don't have much, and even if they assumed they would get in why didn't they use it after they lost? But i'll wait and see and keep checking your guys info on it, unsure too but i have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea they haven't used their pedo dirt if they had it.

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I'm not up on bible quotes. Approaching events from a different perspective/archetypes and how mass thought creates archetypes to represent ideas being explored. Trump has Leo rising (the public persona), Leo the Lion/so you might be on to something here.

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@bopper It's also possible that Trump was lured into such deal by Epstein, and gained a moral victory later in his life starting to work for a better world in the limits he has. But these are all theories. We can't really know who's bad and who's good, and from the investigative point of view we just have to accept the famous fact:

  • Nobody's guilty until proven guilty

In the meanwhile I'm keeping all the theories under my investigative eyes, bring out any possible new theories to be confirmed, not accusing anyone but not safeguarding any party either. I'm using pure logic on this.

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I like your approach, it's great, good analytical thinking. Keep going!

(This nation is at a big time crossroads right now and things are about to change one way or other ... getting anxious ... other things too on my mind but can't mention it here ... well the economic situation is also unsustainable.)

It's also possible that Trump was lured into such deal by Epstein, and gained a moral victory later in his life

This is def a possibility ... I would lean towards entrapment, some people just aren't into kids, sexually. That is not to say at all that Trump could not have been tempted by an underage young girl that was to his liking/preference, tall and model-like, but I'm talking 17 or 18 years old (think a youngish Brooke Shields). We'll see what happens. Comey is a dirtbag btw, had to get that in there.

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Why did Obama's justice department refuse to prosecute Epstein? It looks like Bill Clinton had a hand in getting sweet deals for his pedophile associates at the beginning of Obama's regime ( McHaney ) and at the end of Obama's regime ( Epstein ).

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We already know and we are quite excited!!!