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[–] cantsleepawink ago 

I read recently that the children said that they were also filmed by an Irishman during the satanic encounters. I'm trying to find a transcript or video somewhere where I can verify this. Do you have any information in this regard ?


[–] ListenUp [S] ago 

It was not "during" their satanic encounters, it was a video interview of 9th September AFTER their first interview with police on 5th Septerber 2014.
The Irish gentleman was/is a friend of Ella's.

There are three videos made titled: From "Hampstead Transcripts" (transcripts of the videos only)

"09 Sep - Cutting heads off" video (13:18min)

"09 Sep - School, women, Sheffield" (7:03)

"09 Sep - Coming to kill us" (8:39min)


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Ah, I see. Thanks very much.