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Dr. Phil? Bad smell; Plenty reasons given in this thread. It's damage control / discrediting likely, but I've always seen Dr. Phil as a doctrine cannon disguised as entertainment. (Staging of stereotypes getting into fights and what not more). A form of neural programming to program the mainstream audience with the profile of what they want the audience to think what a stereotype victim is; and more so, how he, as the "established psychologist" is going to carefully demarginalize them. See my comments in the thread here. Tread with care.

Additional note. Black haired woman; wearing a RED top. Yes, this is going to be exactly what I stated.

I'll explain the significance of red-dressed / topped women:. Yes, like 666, 17 and OK, horns etc, the red-dressed woman is another "flash-signature" of the cult. Google the "usual suspect" political women in picture modus and you'll see what I mean. Then google "Lucifer red dress". Theresa May (UK), Cristia Freeland (Canada).

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His wife had a phony shock face, you're right, bs

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"Dr." Phil is a fraud who is NOT licensed to practice in any state.

His Texas license was yanked when he failed to fulfill legal requirements to have it reinstated in the wake of a SEX SCANDAL WITH A PATIENT, A HUGE NO-NO!

Once upon a time, McGraw really was licensed as a clinical psychologist. In 1989, the Texas board that licenses psychologists disciplined him for an inappropriate "dual relationship" with a 19-year-old patient. (McGraw denies the young woman's claim that the relationship was sexual.) The Texas Board of Examiners of Psychologists ordered him to take an ethics class and have his practice supervised for a year. He subsequently stopped practicing therapy and started a jury consultation firm, Courtroom Sciences Inc. (CSI). It was in this capacity that he met Oprah Winfrey, then fighting a lawsuit by the beef industry, who boosted him into the world of show biz.


LEGALLY, despite his education, since he is UNLICENSED he is NOT allowed to call himself "Dr." Phil.

Did Dr. Phil really and intentionally mislead the public?

He did mislead the public by suggesting that he is a psychologist.


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fake news? my instinct tells me she is not a victim of elite sex trafficking

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Take your opportunities to redpill where you can get them.

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based on what? - provide some support for this.

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In the episode linked below Dr. Phil makes the parents look pretty dumb for accusing their daughter's online 'boyfriend' of a being a sex trafficker: http://www.drphil.com/videos/teen-says-shes-ready-to-move-to-argentina-to-be-with-online-boyfriend-shes-never-met-in-person/

Of course, the parents did lie and fabricate a letter from the FBI, so if the story is real(not assuming it is) then the parents deserved it, but I still wonder if this episode was designed to discredit claims about the prevalence of sex trafficking. I think the entertainment media, especially tv shows, generally tries to write content related to popular events in order to get people talking about the shows and generally stir up more buzz. Anyone seen the new "American Crime" episodes depicting teenage prostitutes? So maybe Dr. Phil is just trying to stir up more buzz, and maybe there's a bigger motive behind it. Most likely, none of us will ever know, and really I think it's better if we give Dr. Phil as little credit as possible. Like Jerry Springer, it does produce the occasional cash-me-outside-like laugh, but for the most part I would just stay away from that kind of garbage.

If I had to guess(which I don't but I will), I would guess that Dr. Phil is going to bring the woman's parents on the show, and they are going to dispute her claim that she was sold at birth. Then Dr. Phil will show that her claims of being sold in an elite trafficking ring were actually a cover for her own choice on how to make money. There has to be at least someone made a fool or it wouldn't be entertaining, right? We will see tomorrow!

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I truly wonder why in the world if this is connected to elites that this would be allowed to air and why she hasn't been killed.

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Exactly. I thought about that too.

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My guess is far fetched, but it's a thought.

This international sex slave ring run by HIGH LEVEL people known as pizzagate has become unavoidable despite their best efforts

My guess is they actually "gave" her or freed her, she seems like Cheryl Dempsey from Poughkeepsie Tapes. She was probably the most obedient so they threw her at Dr Phil as if to play some sick power play. Like "you can find the victims -- alive -- but they'll ask for us back and they will miss us"

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Ooh, this could also be a trap for the other side, i would plan something like this. Have a popular media personality who's on your side flip the script and start dropping these things using popular vehicles to get the word out, if these guys are threatened by it and need to shut her up, they will try to go after her or the media personality, perfect trap. I don't know if this is legit though so not saying that but i would plan a trap like this.

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I have never watched that show but will be tomorrow. Start sending it out to friends referencing pizzagate, gotta redpill more!

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This is getting noticed! A lot of people read Dailymail.com Sex slave sold at birth by her parents tells of how she was kept in a cage by her 'owner' and was flown worldwide on private jets to meet wealthy clients Woman known as Kendall claims her parents sold her at birth to a sex trafficker She spoke to Dr Phil for the first time since her harrowing escape three years ago Kendall claims the sex trafficker kept her locked in a cage with other children She was also flown across the world on private planes and sold to wealthy men Kendall said she was dressed in expensive clothes and had six fake passports By Emily Crane For Dailymail.com PUBLISHED: 14:48 EDT, 20 March 2017 | UPDATED: 15:58 EDT, 20 March 2017

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4332462/Sex-slave-flown-private-jets-sold-clients.html#ixzz4bwXvjC32 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

A woman who claims she was sold by her parents at birth to a sex trafficker has told of how she had six fake passports and was flown all over the world on private jets to meet wealthy clients.
Kendall says she managed to escape the 'man who owns her' three years ago but is terrified the international sex trafficker will take her away again. She has spoken for the first time of her harrowing upbringing with Dr Phil in an episode set to air on Tuesday. Scroll Down for Video

The videos at the site are just segments of the full episode which will be aired tomorrow.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4332462/Sex-slave-flown-private-jets-sold-clients.html#ixzz4bwYt4gMQ Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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I would be willing to bet that the airing of this show will be cancelled because of pressure/threats against Dr. Phil and/or producers of the show.

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