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There's been a lot of posts promising disclosure from insiders and then they never deliver. It is better for us to keep investigating, and sharing evidence, so we can find new leads for this investigation.

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And raising awareness of what we have so far in any way possible and reasonable to those who dare listen. We have a hell of a lot as it is, even without smoking guns.

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The 3 tweets by Free Assange are very interesting (to me) because that account is very close to wikileaks. This isn't some larper on /pol/. And then the fact that Thomas Paine deleted his reference to Tues am.

But I found a retweet confirming its existence.

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Holy mother of god.

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Did you see this one?

"Live it up today, Comey. Loong week ahead. Gotta feeling."


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Yes, I saw it.

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I saw the "Tuesday" tweet but if they deleted it, maybe they changed their schedule?

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I just went and looked. That account is run by supporters. Not Assange. That sucks because I really want something released.

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Am aware of that, I said "close to." Did not mean to express JA is in charge of it. Apologies, I can see how what I said sounded like that.

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It's ok. Hopefully something happens

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Oh I hope it's tomorrow! I bet they are so scared right now. I love it.

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Thank you so much. Individual work by some of the best. the best like you. I feel we need to be in shape and ready. And on the offensive . Wow... Hoping other side is confused zoned out tired and incapable.

I wrote in another post hoping report of David Rockefeller demise is not fake news. Thinking his mole told him...Hey boss warrants are coming down this week. Had it all pre-planned... Grabbed dead clothed body double and super expensive coffin,instructed someone to make a drop at Mortuary..And left the country I know they could radically change David appearance on the flight over. Yes this is sensational... But that is all I have been seeing lately.

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David Rockefeller was not worried about going to prison.

Not only is he a sovereign, but he was 101 years of age and could afford the best defense money can buy.

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Good one

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OK but I am not clear what the stockings represent?

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I think it is in reference to cross dressers in power rather than pedogate

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J Edgar Hoover?

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Someone likes to cross dress at the CIA and someone has picture proof?

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