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Not to be a dick, but I have absolutely no concept of missing children densities for any given location - anywhere. My immediate thought is, how does 123/40 compare with similar locations based on like-demographics? Is this high? Is this low? Is this normal? I have no basis for comparison.

Can you please provide some additional insight?


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Yeah, you need a baseline to make a comparison. This applies to other things reported on here as well.

XKCD had a good example of this. https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/heatmap.png

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Yes we are sure - on the whole pizzagate business. Now what are we going to do about it?

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I'm actually wondering the same thing. Working on it now...

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This is the area that my family is from. For those not familiar, I don't believe my family is involved in any abuse of non-family members. I do have a celebrity family member who is a recognizable household name and face and is a disinformation shill. There are not a lot of people in McLean. It's filled with neighborhoods of "luxury homes" (what most of us know as McMansions) with mid-sized yards and small wooded areas with creeks and hills. The streets are actually winding roads, barely wide enough to support two cars. Rich people pretending they're rural.

I very much doubt the 123 kids would still be in the area. They would definitely be noticed. If anyone cared.

I'm going to put this additional information here as I can't make a post since it's not directly PG related. One of my family members was recently in a documentary, presenting as a victim. This particular person was not bad, or an abuser, but notably left out information which made the story appear to be something it wasn't. I would advise all of you to be critical when reading and watching media. Even people who tell their personal stories (I see the irony here) are only telling you what they want you to know. If possible, I would go behind any account and try to find a version told by some other person. If something seems to be missing, something is wrong.

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Also depends on the relative density of people as well. 40 miles might not be a lot if you live in a rural area, but 40 miles is a huuuge area that encompasses all of DC, most of Annapolis and a lot of Baltimore.

Kind of an interesting internet tool I found.


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123 children in that area. Good plot, but can you list the time range for when all of these occurred? Also, followup data point you might want to have ready. Have you examined other populated areas and seen similar behaviors (NYC for example) over the same timescale?
Trying to establish if this is an excessive hot spot.

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Time frame: 2015-present

In the process of examining Chicago, LA, and Dallas areas.

All are more densely populated with what seems to be lower rates so far.

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I'm curious about Denver as well. I'm still looking over that list of contributions to Hillary, I see a very common theme with children's programs, community outreach, and psych clinics. Seems they're screening the kids using these "shells"

I noticed Denver on this list here. Anaheim, Baltimore

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McLean is highend. Look at real estate values. Do you really think places like Rye, New York lose 123 in a 40 mile radius within the same timeframe? Me neither. Or toney towns in CT , MA , etc. Delaware might though. It is Biden's stomping grounds aside from that there was a big lot of news over a politicians secretary and whatever happened to her a few years back. Maybe ten.

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great research. Getting more grim everyday.

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nice work

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Do you have a source for your findings?

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Multiple regional newspapers and the NCMEC.

You got a source for your dissent? Or you just grasping at straws cause you didn't get enough attention?

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I want you to show some screenshots to verify your claims. Unless you're a disinfo shill

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good find, but see rule #2

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Asking for sources isn't dissent fuckwad. I can go claim Hillary shoved a cactus up my ass but without proof, I'm just babbling.

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I posted so people could pick it apart with facts, not emotional outbursts.

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http://www.missingkids.org/keyfacts - for reference. That is not necessarily a relatively absurd number of missing children for such an area, however the proximity to Alefantis' properties is concerning. May I ask how you confirmed his ownership of these properties?

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For such a high end demographic it's more than I expected...

Edit: Confirmed ownership through a few random voat posts and some archived material

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Good work very suspicious to me. I know there is no where near that nunber within forty miles of my home maybe 1 or 2

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