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Nah... Jimmy Comet was posting up at the White House playing Ping Pong with a couple of young boys and the President because...


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Joe Biden's wife is on the Board of Trustees of Save the Children, they have a Haiti operation.


She's the "Board Chair" as of February 2017.

They're affiliated with the Clinton Foundation.


Edit: OP the blog is kind of off-putting do you know that? I don't know what happened to good design anymore.

This is just a shill blog OP.

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PHILADELPHIA – Vice President Biden said Tuesday he will set up shop at the University of Pennsylvania after he leaves office this month.ABC quoted Biden as saying: “I’m going to establish a domestic plus foreign policy piece where I can still do the stuff that I care a lot about” with universities. Yeah. Uh-Ha. The sly old fox watching the Chicken house.

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Yeah i agree but add creepy. "The creepy old sly fox. Maybe hes going to teach them how to make friebdship bracelets with a piece of pizza on them. Like the one he made for Barrak Obama for his birthday. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/290418-biden-shares-photo-of-friendship-bracelet-for-best-friend

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That bracelet is very creepy. What do people think when they see that? How many men would give another man a bracelet like that, that we know? Anyone in your family? Maybe a child to another child. But with a slice of pizza? I guess if two kids really like sharing pizza doing homework or whatever, but a grown man? Really creepy and is as obvious as all get out. Listen, if a grown man gives something like that to another grown man or to a child there is a message. Wake Up People.

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How can anyone possibly think this is normal

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