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This is a great video that provides some excellent context. We need to turn up the heat on this, its up to US to inform our friend/family/co-workers about the very real nature of PG.

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Does anyone have lists of:

-The judges nationwide that let pedos off easy -The MSM outlets and reporters that desperately try to suppress this - The law enforcement officers and departments nationwide that suppress investigations - The politicians on record who financially and/or politically reward pedos - The public service workers and child organizations on record for hiding and enabling pedo activity - The current registry of sex offenders against children, pictures and locations. (incl the ones who list the wrong man to hide the real offender like the haney guy)

This will help in getting organized for social pushback, i assume people have made lists that would be awesome

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Do you know how long it would take to name the amount of judges who are complicit in pedophilia? It's shocking.

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No i dont know but i can imagine, it seems like its permeated everywhere. Someone said "whack a mole" to describe it lol jeebus

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cough Dolphin House cough

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I might add the the general population needs to get angry and speak out !

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He's the best.

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I saw PIL in a small venue in DC once and he performed in his pajamas and he spit on me. LMAO.

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Johnny Rotten is very much alive, His real name is John Lydon. His last bands were Public Image Ltd., and Pigface.

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Have to get the word out to the readers>

I have noticed the downvote count is differen't depending on if I am logged on or not. When logged off, the threads I have donvoted show up without my downvote. Once logged on, this imediatly changes. My conclusion is that nobody else can see my downvotes. If I log back oout, the vote count shoots up again on the thread in question. Obviously I am the only one that knows I downvoted. This site is compromised. When I posed this question in pizzagate mods, abortionburger showed up and cracked a sarcastic joke.

Also, twice I have had threads removed with no explanation and no evidence they were ever posted. One was about how I believe their is no PG investigation going on and Trump went out of his way to chose to keep Comey. Odd that would get removed?

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Other celebrity types that know what's happening need to speak out.

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I was a big fan of Chris Morris....And remember that being broadcast a long time ago....Clearly he knows....Question is....What side is he on? He's been mighty quiet lately

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Probably decided to lay low after the Boston bombings

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How many innocents were assaulted by Savile after that, after '78?

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