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We are to believe a guy was on White House property for 15 minutes, and is somehow allowed to tweet soon after? This was as believable as the stolen laptop from an unlocked SS car. I just wish pizzagate was not mentioned by anyone whilst they are committing a crime. Is that too much to ask?

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That's the point...

Besides, look at the OP here, where he expanded specifically. Then look at this where the same comment has been posted. Why would he post this twice? Seems like something a bot would do... The scary thing is he's got ties to the mod team.

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I posted the other link first, then minutes later he deleted his tweet and so I reposted this one mentioning that.

I don't have ties to the mod team here on voat.

If you read the thread I posted on reddit you would see I too am critical of this guy. Specifically how none of his social media accounts have actual content on them before 2 weeks ago.

This may very well be a false flag, but not the same kind we're used to.

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Hey, I've got a nifty bridge for sale. I'll respect you in the morning, honest.

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They are preparing us for a big FALSE FLAG ATTACK. Too many things are happening in a short period. Look at this.

https://imgoat.com/uploads/9f0f895fb9/7800.JPG Then, the night before last, a car with a bomb inside was found at the Whitehouse. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/19/politics/white-house-security-situation/index.html

They report on this stuff all day long on mainstream media, but they don't mention a congressman arrested for being caught in a motel with a minor last week?!

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Donald Trump is completely part of this. He is part of the plan. We don't need to pray for "our" president. "We" haven't had a president that represents the people in all of United States history. Donald is no exception. This is really, quite frankly, independent of his politics ("right" versus "left"). Our country was founded by Freemasons interested in using their knowledge to rule the world. They did it. Now they are just messing around at this point.

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Oh whatever. You're talking to a deplorable. I'm on #TeamTrump. Yes I do pray for OUR President. If you're American, then he is yours too. Like it or not, he won. He's not like the others. That's why the elites are freaking out. He hasn't been initiated into no Secret Society.

He's already rich. He could have retired and not had to deal with all these attacks and have no privacy for the rest of his life. I think his heart is in the right place. We finally have a president trying to work for the people. We haven't had this in years. He's not perfect. But I think if these stupid democrats would stop acting like whiny brats and let him do his job, then he could really improve our country.

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They are gonna whack Trump soon thats my guess. Then they'll blame a Muslim patsy and laugh while the sheep run round in circles in their usual impotence.

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IF/When this guy releases COPIES of the documents he provided to the FBI, then I MIGHT start listening to him.

Until then, this is just unsubstantiated BS.

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if this were a random person i would agree. the fact that he stands accused of trespassing on the white house and evading secret service for 15 minutes at least grants him an audience.

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You may recall the women they gunned down for attempting to "charge the barrier"? Without getting into whether I believe that actually happened or not, on paper, it did. So, Obongo rates Rambo IV and Trump gets Keystone Kops?

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What do you think?

I think that was written by the CIA to try and muddy all the scandals of last year and sweep them into a giant fake news conspiracy and blame it on social media. If that was really written by the fence jumper it is yet another false flag.

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I'm just glad they caught him. Now maybe my socks will quit disappearing from my drier.

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My first question is who told them he'd been there 16 minutes? Did he say that? What an odd thing to say. Hey what took you so long, I've been out here for 16 minutes? Or they knew exactly how long to say he was there because it's part of the set up? Who looked at their watch to know exactly down to the minute how long he was allegedly there?

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Mayebe they reviewed surveillance tapes..but most likely its all part of an elaborate deception

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The fences all have security alarms that do go off. So it would be easy to backtrack time. The "excuse" for the slow response was that a lot of times the fence alarm is a false alarm from a squirrel or some other animal. I heard he was hiding behind a pillar at one point and the guard didn't see him. Seriously WTF.

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It only got the 1st page, pls archive all

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It's there, just scroll in the document and zoom in.

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Maybe he would like to come here. It looks like Twitter is censoring him.

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yea cause herp derp, voat doesn't censor anything! hehereherehe, how fuckin dumb are ya?

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A lot of rambling here and I have no idea what it's all about. But definitely an interesting turn of events

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to me he does come off as having real mental health problems, however that doesn't me he isn't the source of the russian dossier since its been proved to be fake. wouldn't surprise me if some democrat a hole got wind of this guy submitting these things to the doj and got the idea to manipulate it and try and use it to discredit trump.

maybe his claim to "have a meeting" with trump wasn't completely false, maybe trump just wants to get this guy the help he needs and prove the dossier to not be from the russians at the same time.

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