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Go to the original source which has more complete information, which is linked from the OP post.Winston mayor arrested, charged with online sexual corruption of minor No need to be clicking where there is no information....

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sadly people are probably subtly advertising their sites to get hits, check his submission history, links to the same site

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I usually suspect that but better to just move along than waist research time on frivolous information.

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1500 arrests with 3 mayors some police and military. It is growing but I wouldn't mind if it went a little faster.

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That 1500 figure is from back in late Jan/Early Feb. We need an update.

But yes, until the major public figureheads get taken down we know for sure children are still being preyed upon.

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That is a large amount of arrests for just 3 months.

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They've also gotten one senator so far.

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Love it! Last week it was a senator. Media has been silent. Unbelievable!

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Another mayor?