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I think schumer is the one the pedo politician party is going to turn on. They know we are calling for arrests and I've noticed some left wing rags calling schumer out the past 2 days.

Of course just Schumer will not be enough for the freeing and safety of the children. We will continue to demand justice for the children and arrests for ALL of the political pedos

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A lot of people know that Chuckie Shumer was Anthony Wiener's mentor. Yes sir, they can still recognize each other.

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Calling these sick fools out. I love it.

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"Chuck" Schumer is a child molester. A baby sexual abuser. Just look at that slimey bastard's face...you can see it.

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The Talmud, highest authority for modern Talmudic Judaism, endorses pedophilia. It calls it "Halachah" or binding Jewish law!

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NYC Jews keep electing this sack of shit...Jew Chuckie's protege is Jew Weiner..both predatory bi-sexual pedos..

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This persons meme game is strong!

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Now the creeper Schumer is calling for CHAOS. http://nypost.com/2017/03/19/chuck-schumer-calls-for-chaos/

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He's got 666 ways to Sunday to get back at you all..

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It's always good to see the Cannibal Elite get some burn. Upvoat for you.

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