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I remember maybe a year after she adopted Maddox that there was an article saying something about mother wanted child back that he was stolen from her .

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Wow, when I watch these, I'm amazed at what people notice. I only wish that barry would just go away.

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The guy who asks the question first.

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They just take children at will with the help of the UN...

James Alefantis friends taking children from other countries - Charles DeSantis (works for UN Refugee Agency) + Angelina Jolie UN Ambassador

Angelina Jolie Pitt – UNHCR Special Envoy



After they take them they rape and abuse them and turn them into trannys then send them out to destroy the world.

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Like Jodie Emery, Marc Emery, Erin Goodwin, Moses Znaimer, Stephen Harper, etc.

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Not sure if it's in there (I can't click on the article at work) but there is something to do with having to sacrifice/donate a child for abuse as part of a ritual for access. It doesn't have to be your own child - learning that made me query the motives behind "celebrity adoptions"

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I wouldn't trust her with a dog, much less a child.

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Remember the rumors about Chief Justice John Roberts being blackmailed about something being hinky about the children he adopted, which prompted him to rewrite Obamacare? Justice Kennedy and he supposedly had a very heated semi-public argument about his switch in position. So, yes, very well may be tip of the iceberg.

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Upvoat for you. Yeah, no, I really don't remember all of that. I remember they had a fight, but I don't think I heard about adopted children. So that was the blackmail they used?

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Madonna was perhaps a bit dishonest collecting her latest acquisition's as well:


There seems to be a preoccupation with children of color and most definitely from Africa, unfortunately for from what I've heard is for the purity and ritual significance of their blood.

Notice the recent fascination with twins as well, Madonna, Beyonce, Clooney. Its the metaphysical rebirth of the twin founders of Rome Romulus and Remus and the rise of the lycans (by means of a 'bestial' transformation by 'artistic' indoctrination, ie, like abramovics 'fine art' and hollywoods 'entertainment')

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Yes! The twins. I have written this before in comments. They are all having twins. Watch if they are identical. They are valuable in some way. This stuff makes me sick. Also, yes Madonna is a freak. She has been brainwashed and if you look at her in that picture she is starting to look like the Rothschilds. Yuck.

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Melanin is gold. Keep digging...

Remember WHAT these people are, then consider the following: "The amount of melanin in your skin also determines your body's capacity to produce vitamin D, an essential nutrient, from ultraviolet light exposure."

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  • Melanin C18H10N2O4
  • Melatonin C13H16N2O2
  • DMT C12H16N2

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The indigenous humans are an essential resource to those not native to this place, nor the effects of it's sun...

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Those twins are girls? Yes and there's Theron, Bullock. These people seem to be told by someone who to adopt I think.

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IVF is a form of cloning.

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It really is scary to ponder what they're doing to these poor kids. On the surface, it seems like such a wonderful thing when it may being used for such depravity. I sort of want to know exactly what's going on and sort of don't. It's just too chilling to hear what these children are being put through.

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I've heard the real reason Brad left her was because she and Maddox were having a somewhat...inappropriate relationship.

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I think these people are told who to marry, who to divorce and what they will be doing next.

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I wouldn't doubt it. That poor child.

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Wow, that fits in exactly with the videos on my thread about Podesta's fingers. The videos describe how each and every actor/actress is 'chosen' to be the next big thing or the next person to win an Oscar. They are called to a room where they are anally and/or vaginally raped by masked people.. They are then 'in the club'. It also means that the bosses have something on them if they ever get out of line.

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What a great club the perverted old rich men have designed for themselves. Now we have to listen to idiot blackmailable celebuslave-tards lecture us with feigned indignation about freedom and morality.

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You know what? Five years ago, maybe three years, I'd say that that's insane and couldn't happen, but now? I wouldn't doubt it. Would not.

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science has shown that women merge the DNA of sex partners with their own. I think that's why there is some sex stuff involved. When those people screw her she takes a part other into her literally and permanently. The same is true for the common cold, the virus holds the DNA of it's last victim and it merges with your own when you become infected. It makes me wonder if they are trying to taint someone, like to destroy something good in them.

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So now, I guess these celebrities are free to now be the ones to initiate others, which means that they rape and torture others. So sick!

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Raising Shiloh to be a boy! They are out in the open now! Not even hiding it anymore!

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Angelina chooses children like breeds of dogs, or an eclectic collection of human chachki, or a line of designer purses. She said she'd like one of 'each' religion, color...etc., so the agnostic/atheist parents take the kids to various churches so the kids can take their pick while not living the tenets of any faith at all, a spiritual junk food diet if you will, food coloring and artificial flavors, while living in a neurotic libtard Hollywood commune.

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Angelina Jolie presented with honorary damehood by the Queen

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Yeah, they keep blaming it on it being "her" choice.

Such sick bitches out there. Sick, sick, sick.

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Well, according to the UN's new regulations, an orphan can be a child that still has a living parent. Actually, a country can declare a kid an orphan if they do not think the kid has "proper" parenting.
"What is an orphan?  A common assumption is the belief or definition that an orphan is a child who both parents have died.  Another frequent position or definition is that an orphan is a child who lives in an orphanage.  Both of these definitions are accurate, but there is more.  When we examine the world and discuss the needs related to orphans there are more important factors to include in the definition.  Bethany Christian Services points out the reality that the majority of the world’s orphans have families.  Have families?  This is not something that holds to the common beliefs or definitions of what an orphan is.   The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th cd.), defines “orphan” in the following ways: A child whose parents are dead. A child who has been deprived of parental care and has not been adopted . . .  One that lacks support, supervision, or care."

From: http://christianadoptions.org/orphan-care/example-major-subpage/defining-orphan/

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Now we know as far as the SuperClass are concerned, 'orphans' are those kids who are wanted by celebrities and child traffickers.

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Everything the Joo N does is fucked up.

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I know, it's sick, right? And all this has been going on right under our noses! I think it's the lauding in the press that throws suspicion off. If the press says they're wonderful, they must be wonderful.

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It's funny how I used to wonder what made a young beautiful woman mutilate her skin like that. It was back then when I was so naive! My girlfriend would call her nuts. My mum called her a loonie. Now I know the unswer! And I know why she is adopting children from third world countries!!!!!! She is doing bidding for her masters.

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Beautiful women cut themselves for many reasons.

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Yes, but those women do not appear on camera in a multi million $ budget movie.

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Yup. What kind of life is that for those kids. This is just beyond anything anyone could imagine. No wonder people don't believe this!

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