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Just kill him

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Totally agree with death penalty for child molesters. The child may still live, but their life is forever taken from them.

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Your submission /v/pizzagate/1730449 has been deleted by: @abortionburger on 3/19/2017 6:35:13 AM

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Bumfights Pizzagate

'BUMFIGHTS' CREATORS BUSTED FOR MAILING BABY'S HEAD And Other Body Parts http://www.tmz.com/2014/11/17/bumfights-creators-infant-body-parts-arrested-thailand/

Dr Phil kicks Bumfights producer Ty Beeson off show HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x1hsC-YKAAYouTube

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but were eventually released for lack of evidence

Now baby body parts is not good enough evidence of a crime....

It doesnt matter what evidence people find against the elite as they will all get off the hook as these low level satanists/cannibals were. But first the evidence will be covered up as witnessed by the mod deletion of this post.

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Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

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Seriously. This is what jury nullification is for.

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No, that is not what jury nullification is for.

Jury nullification is to get the defendant OFF. S/He gets a PASS because the jury decides that s/he never should have been charged in the first place or the charges are incorrect. Jury nullification is designed to remedy prosecutorial overrearch/tyrrany so is a "protective" measure for defendants.

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He will be taken care of in prison, they hate Chomo's, just look at Jared!!!!!

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Jared for off easy with a light ass whoopin. He didn't even need any facial reconstructive surgery.

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Wonder if he'll get the six incher or the foot long. OUCH. That puckered up my pooper just thinking about it.

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He got 10 yrs with parole-outrageous-monster who rape kids should be EXECUTED, the judge should be disbarred

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The judges are rapists and pedos too, not joking

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Yes, its unbelievable

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do you mean 10 yrs of parole. No prison time ? Where does this fucker live. I live in NW Ohio.

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10 yrs, with parole, which seems ludicrous to me

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True the judge should be ashamed, but I have a feeling 10 years will essentially be life for him. I doubt he makes it 5 even

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He was "visibly shaken" on Friday? Was the little girl visibly shaken when he raped her? Will he be "visibly shaken" when he meets his new bunkmates in prison? Maybe he will have a roommate like the one that beat Fogle. He beat Fogle for the kids. I cannot believe he is free on bail until sentencing. He will probably take the easy way out and take himself out rather than wait for prison justice.

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Another one. I was just wondering... We don't know the back story. How was he caught? How many other mayors, senators, military personnel, former cops, politicians are suddenly 'admitting and pleading guilty' to the crimes of child sex abuse and rape lately? I have this weird feeling that something is happening behind the scenes. We're not told everything, only the strict minimum on how these cases are developing. What's happening? Is there really a coup going on and has the swamp already began to be drained? Are we so focused on wanting to see top politicians' convicted that we can't see what's happening at a lower level or, are we being 'served' the lower levels in the hopes that we'll find some satisfaction and slowly back off from our main focus which is to see the Clintons, Podestas, Soros, Biden, McCain et al be convicted for their horrible crimes? I'd hope it's the former, but something tells me it might be the latter.

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I think we are being played. They are trying to appease us.

Clintons are royals and sovereigns so are never going to prison. UNFORTUNATELY.

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Doesn't mean they can't be suicided , there's so many people that hate the Clintons . I know a lot of Haitians got to hate them big time

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This is the main underlying issue of Pizzagate, Pedogate.

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What amazes me is the arrogance and aloofness of these sick fucks always acting so much above the rabble ... until it's discovered that they are the rabble. As a sort of side note I just watched a video on youtube in which Jay Weidner is interviewed mostly about Stanley Kubrick. Almost at the end of the video Jay Weidner after discussing the symbolism in Kubrick's films goes on to imply that Stephen Spielberg is "obsessed with little boys" !


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That is the innate Jewish arrogance. They are so "above it all."

They are total narcissists. How else do you think they came up with "God's chosen people?"

EDITED TO ADD: And Speilberg IS a homo-pedo. That has been pretty much established here.

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I'm sickened by how this article tries to spin it to be sympathetic toward him. "He was shaken" and "trials like this are hard for everyone" (including the defendants). They just deflect from what he did.

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I'm still trying to figure out Voat. I posted about a young boy being molested the other day in the bathroom at the mall in Omaha NE. It was deleted almost immediately. I thought, OK, i guess it's not exactly helping our investigation but it seems related enough. Why would that post be deleted and not this one, and ones like it? I just can't get a handle on the rules here. Or is it just that i have spoken out against the mods and now they come after me?

I'm not whining, just thought you all would want to know what's going on here.


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Probably because the child molester is not an "elite" Mods usually private message you when they remove your sub and tell you the reason. Check your little envelope icon at the top to see private messages

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They didn't PM me this time. OK, that helps to know, thanks.

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I haven't seen much consistency/rhyme or reason either.

They delete my posts, then that same mod will write a message in the comments of another poster giving them suggestions on what to include so THEIR post won't be deleted. For some reason, I am not given the same courtesy.

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I have noticed the same thing! And i just had one post frmo last night deleted with the most cryptic (troll-y) message as to why:

Your submission /v/pizzagate/1730445 has been deleted by: @Vindicator on 3/19/2017 7:15:09 AM

Reason given: @TuringTest: Rule 3

Original Submission

"We were shipping babies"


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