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We're all on for the 25th yeah?

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I wish I could make it, but I live in TX and cant afford travel :/ will be looking for livestreams.

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i am but im skeptical of david's credibility. i went to the March4Trump and it was awesome, but I don't know how I feel about this.

I want to hear David speak but I am starting to lean towards con artist.

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he's genuine in caring about this issue but sheesh he's unstable. Deletes all his posts, then shows up again posting a few days later like its nothing, tweets 'I'm outta here for a couple of weeks' then tweets again 2 days later. Made insinuations he and other researchers are all gonna be assassinated, then waxes glibly about bitcoin

he just needs a more sober temperament to be an outstanding leader, but he has raised a lot of awaeness for which we'd be ungrateful not to acknowledge

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Ah stop, he's just a concerned person speaking up, might have even put his life on the line for it

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We need to demonstrate to "support" pedophilia. Make signs like "Decriminalize Incest among Consenting Family", "Legalize Sex among Consenting Youths & Adults", "Pizzagate Is Fake News", "Pedophiles Are as Natural as Homosexuals", "Don't Be a Pedophobe" or is it Pedophilophobe?. "Pedophobia Is a Hate Crime". I'll start a thread for Pedophilia Rallies.

Okay, I started the thread at https://voat.co/v/pizzagate2/1730224

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I think the cutesy hipster humor would be totally lost and this would disrupt the clear message that is meant to be sent.

Really bad idea for the upcoming protests, but fine for a humor show where the irony is understood and implicit.

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I wasn't thinking of it as humor, just thought provoking, to help people wake up.

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This would make a great meme war offensive -- similar to "Draft Our Daughters"

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So what could be improved?

I don't think using CPP as a starting point is a good idea - CIA neighborhood is not going to get you any on the ground support or media coverage.

Start elsewhere in DC, perhaps at a good children's advocacy place, or even the ACLU headquarters. Or start at the NYPD Police Department, or perhaps start the movement in Austin Texas.

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just saw on news: fence jumper at white house. SS cleared out park?

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I wish I could have been there. Maybe I can get to the one on the 25th. We need to keep this front and center

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They need to keep happening. Over and over. All across the country. State by State. City by City. Small towns. Big towns. That is how it will happen. We need to let them know we are not going away. Peaceful Protest Produce Progress.

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Shouldn't the march really be on pedo day? April 25th?

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I expected this low turn out. But hey as long as the people are enthusiastic than low turnout is okay. Since this is only the first protest maybe itll grow over time.

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I am somewhat glad turnout was low. Has everyone forgotten who Beyond Borders is???!!! INSANE they would be a part of this. Hopefully the 25th will be better; I plan to attend.

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Good luck I hope it works out for you man.

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People are making fun of pizzagate in the comment section. How can anyone act this when it comes to children?

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Brock's trolls are ruthless. It's political for them because many politicians Soros backs are involved.

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Voices like this from AreWeSure /\/\/\/\ consistently seize any opportunity to create negativity in what they fear is an inevitability - the awareness of human trafficking and pedo crimanl cartel networks is spreading.

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I see more people making fun of the "journalists" and standing up for the protesters..

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Perhaps they believe pizzagate doesn't actually include any child victims.

This is one of the reasons that people here have started to include every single instance of real stories and try to act like they are connected.

I've been wondering when people are going to take all this energy and work towards actually making an impact. Like perhaps donating to a group that helps victims of trafficking.

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"Like perhaps donating to a group that helps victims of trafficking."

Of course because as we all know there's ZERO chance that the traffickers themselves will ever face justice:


Hiya AreWeSure! You've been a little subdued on the gas lighting today, only one post. Weird.

It's odd that you would acknowledge the problem of child trafficking but then suggest helping its victims instead of arresting the traffickers. That's kind of like going after bowel cancer with opioid based pain killers. Shouldn't our greatest effort go into attacking the root of the problem?

Not to mention many charities these days see only a tiny percentage of the money they're given go to the actual problem the charity was created to fight. Take me for example, I donated $500 to the Clinton Foundation after the Haiti earthquake in the hope that the Clinton's would use the money to help rebuild lost housing in Port au Prince in the South instead of importing temporary housing in the form of toxic mold coffin/trailers (it's a coffin, no a trailer, it's a coffin-trailer!) which helped a CF donor take a tax write off on defective formaldehyde impregnated insulation, building luxury hotels and a sweatshop in the North.

How do you live with yourself?

What's that? The Clinton Foundation got excellent reviews? Oh yeah, that was based on a "charity audit" which requires an Olympic sized swimming pool of benefit of the doubt because all you have to do is hide "charitable" activity behind a partnership and cross your heart and hope to die promise the money went to rebuild Haiti not pay for someone's new vacation house in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Of course you don't know this AreWeSure because you refuse to watch Clinton Cash which is loaded chalk full of evidence pointing to fraud and even quotes people like Columbia University Economics Professor Jeffrey Sachs saying of the CF finances "It's not good.".

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I disagree an impact is being made daily. It will eventually lead to the top it's not going to happen overnight.