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Pulse night club was fake. But that doesn't change the connection.

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You are absolutely correct, fake as can be. I should have been a con man. As gullible as people are I could have made a fortune. I'm not sure about "connections". That can get tricky with patsies.

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I bet you believe the earth is flat also. Maybe you should just stick to waiting for your spaceship savior flying behind that comet

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If you mean the shooter was some CIA operative okay, whatever. If you mean nobody died and nobody was terrorized, fuck right off. I know people who were there and my friends know people who died.

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You're the same shill who was defending Ashton Kutcher ](https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1723888/8435392/10#8435392))

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and this actually re-enforces the lie of the club, itself.

Totally agree. These false flags are paraded around like they actually happened. Honestly, if an inquiring mind were to look at the footage it would be obvious it was staged. Crisis actors were their usual piss poor performers too. One of my fav tubes is carrying 'victims' in the direction of the club (opps) and when they thought the cameras were off let the 'victim' down who proceeded to walk just fine. Only a small sampling of the fake footage. Search Orlando nightclub hoax etc for plenty of video evidence.

I haven't seen Geo's latest yet. If he is promoting the club as a real event (?) then he is either brain dead or a terrible journalist. I still say limited hangout.

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Limited af. With some distraction and disinfo thrown in.

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Really alphabet soup. You must be an expert. Since he has outed every alphabet soup and himself in some ways so far I would say he is all. There comes a time for choosing. He has exposed CIA, FBI, all the way back to WW11. Both Republicans and Democrats...all so called religions. Most countries. Kings, Princes, Prime Ministers, Presidents, maybe you should follow along more carefully.

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re: himself. Last name Sweigert. Rumors I've heard, his brother is NSA. What's your take? I've heard him align informally on talk shows referencing "we"/Israel. Is he Mossad? NSA? I just wonder... how did he know there are seven disks? Has he seen them? I just truly wonder.

I have appreciated his references to Cynthia McKinney, she helped putting the big picture together after being red-pilled, noting two factions of deep state. Pilgrims/NeoConNeoLib. I embrace my fellow countrymen, friends and family, Democrat OR Republican and pray we unite and stop allowing the elite to conspire to hatefully divide us because of our difference in religion, politic or tribe. #Protectourchildren

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Pretty sure that he was saying that the shooter and his father are ABCs

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Pulse night club shooter father

Not to derail here, but it's worth saying that the Pulse night club shooting was a ridiculous hoax. I've commented on this at length before including here.

It was a goofy sham. I'm not saying Mateen's family isn't connected to the Clintons or whatever but Omar Mateen didn't shoot up a night club.

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100% this. And I am going to assume that ex CIA George Webb didn't mention this fact? This was stated in the first FBIAnon 4 chan. "Orlando was a hoax"

I was online at the time it went down. There were NO pictures or tweets from the club, only MSM reports. Later, judge napolitano came out and said that the FBI report states there were no deaths until after swat showed up. His statement is on YouTube.

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It was one of the most blatant and ridiculous displays of inept crisis acting and screwball staging of the past several years. Nothing added up about it even at the time, you had all these ludicrous circumstances and bizarre characters involved. No ambulances or anything at the scene... videos of civilians carrying their "injured" buddies towards, not away from, the club, etc. It's amazing how the "deadliest shooting of U.S. history" is really one of the most transparent and sloppy contrived events of all time and even more amazing that so many people can take something like this seriously.

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Really? I'm gonna go read it all now. That's interesting. I don't see why they would fake it and how.

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Watch youtube videos about Orlando hoax, etc. Many videos. Pure Hoax for Gun Control. Basically, in one fell swoop they got a majority of the LGBT crowd against guns... Cultural Hegemony, Crowd Politics, etc.

Edit: How I See The World's channel has many excellent videos on Pulse hoax. Here's one his latest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfjhEJchY-s

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Watch all the Pulse hoax vids you can find on YT. The puzzle pieces will all fall together. Why? Among many others... Fear mongering and another excuse to try to limit guns in the country. If you have the stomach for learning more BS, when you're done with this one, repeat with Sandy Hook hoax.

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LMFAO. as someone who knows people who were there and has friends' friends who died, FUCK OFF.

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It would be more convincing if there weren't someone like you in literally every thread talking about how their cousin's dermatologist's step-son-in-law has an old friend whose daughter died at Sandy Hook.

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I love George Webb on youtube. Fantastic information. Would recommend EVERY TIME!

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I only see 144 #1 how are you seeing 23&4?

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Same here~

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There was also a picture floating around of Mateen in the halls of Congress. The word was that he either was or wanted to run for President of Afghanistan. You can't make this story up. Yes and DWS was also involved in this Spy Trap. This is how they arranged the wire tapping of Trump as well. The bribery of McCabe was done by Terry McAuliff when he donated a large sum of money to McCabe's wife while she was running for office. It was over $600K. Edit: Hope this stays up.

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Yes exactly. While focusing on pg is great if we all don't help stop the spies & traitors. Trump will not have a chance to stop them

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You are doing a great service. Keep it up. If they do take it down. Try again. Ask others to join in and help spread this too.

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He's been exposed on 2 separate occasions on the_donald, one for showing up at hillary's rally, the other I cant remember.

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This one with the sign was when a reporter just happened to run into him at a rest area after the clinton rally he went to.

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OOH! Thanks for those pictures. The one holding his coat in the State Dept. is the one I saw. I believe (this is only my opinion) that he may be involved in the Poppy Trade of Afghanistan. Who knows. But this whole thing reeks to High Heaven.

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Thank you for this. Where exactly is that picture taken where it shows him at the state department?

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I need a break, I thought you meant that you were talking about George......

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@Jem777, I really would rather not take this post down, because I think we need to be teaching people how to spot the spooks whenever we can. Unfortunately, you didn't bother to folllow the submission guidelines providing supporting links. In fact, you didn't even link to the video in question so people can get to it. I am assuming this was a mistake, perhaps because you are on mobile and Voat is a bitch on mobile.

I am going to leave this up for now in hopes you will edit your post to include links. You might want to highlight the words "child sex trafficking" click the link button (#3), and paste the url in the box. This will make the connection to pizzagate stand out, and make it less likely the morning mod doesn't just nuke it out of hand for Rule 1 and 4. When we have a lot of posts to remove, or are tired, mods who open a post that obviously has provided no supporting links (which stand out, because they are in blue), will just remove for Rule 4 without even reading any further. Just a reality.

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