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Great discernment, excellent analysis. I commend you for your wisdom and loyalty to the case. If I may suggest, I believe the 18th March should be cancelled altogether. Stick with the 25th and ONLY protest in a peaceful manner near the WH. I remember the Dutroux related "Marche Blanche" that hundreds of thousands of Belgians took to the streets. It was amazing. And let thousands of white balloons go up in the air in honour of all the victims of child trafficking, sex slavery and SRA. It can only be done in a peaceful manner. It's the only way to be heard and to make a positive impression on the rest of the world.

EDIT: Since the first protest was fine and was a really good effort despite the fears of violent protests and MSM smearing, I strongly suggest that we double our efforts and SUPPORT the March 25th protests. We need to unite and march on. The kids need us!

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I agree. The time may come when we need a demonstration, but not yet. Things are moving.

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I agree. We dont need antifa marking this event with private sponsored violence

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I understand the hesitation and fear that my fellow Voaters are having about a PG March possibly turning into an occasion for MSM trolling and violent Soros-paid protests to discredit our cause, I do. However, I do believe a White March is possible and should be held. The circumstances under which it should happen though should be well thought-out and prepared in advance. Organised groups from all corners of the US should be created at least a couple of months in advance. Once an elevated enough number of protesters is gathered, a date should be set for a March. White balloons, White t-shirts, flyers, posters, et al should be created and bought. When all is ready and done and the March is on, even a large group of violent protesters would stick out and look like outsiders and NOT part of the organised March. We need to stand out as a serious peaceful group. I'm sure it could be done. I'm sure of it.

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May I also add that even though they did get 300,000 + people at that huge rally...what really happened? What happened was 'sweet f*** all! The whole 'story' got buried and the criminals continue to do what they always have....I've seen the doco, all the investigators were sacked or swapped and the whole lot was hushed up...it's going to take more than just a rally....even IF you can get 300,000 + people to show up

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When you're fighting for a cause that is this powerful and righteous, nothing should make you back down. Not the fear or reprisal, not the fear of how it could be used against you, nothing. You are fighting for the best cause in the world: children. Don't ever back down when TRUTH, JUSTICE and LAW are on your side.

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It will take something different.

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Yes to the edit!

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So lets never go to the streets. Instead continue sitting in this corner of the interwebs for fear of manipulation by others...is that what's being said?

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What's being said is chose your protest marches wisely. And find other tactics to make your voice heard too.

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There's a choice of 2 out of 2 marches and it's being said to stay away from both of them.

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I agree. This is cowardice. The guys (and gal) that protested yesterday stood their ground. The media that reported on them failed epicly to have the higher ground. All of their videos are littered in people trashing them for their obvious and lazy angle, and people praising the protesters for having coherent arguments.

Though I do not trust the likes of Seaman to be as convincing. We need our most informed and charismatic speaking to the press.

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What's being said from people like you is that the work of people like John DeCamp who exposed the Franklin cover-up pales in comparison to some stylish 20 something picketing on the streets waving misconstrued pizza and podesta signs.

Investigative work is all about "sitting in corners" and it's what will deter these horrors the most. Stop pretending that you have some definitive proof that street activism with no direct specific action-demanding agenda is even remotely effective in terms of spreading meaningful awareness towards sex ring conspiracies. Not even astro-turfing helps Soros so how effective can this be?

IMO researching and documenting shows way more commitment than "hitting the city" for a walk on Saturday.

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They want to show off for the Media.

If they don't exist in the Media , they feel they disappear.

They feel only if we "show them" and the Media pays attention can it be fixed.

Regardless marches are a waste of time and energy.. Millions came out against the War, you never heard about it. Millions called in 50 xs a day to Congress. It did nothing.

You must think "out of the box " And that means smart and savvy.

The Media will never do it for you. They are paid to cover up the crimes.

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yes, I am so glad to see you got 23 points on this. KEEP TALKING : ) Please take a look at the pushback from myself and Sound of Silence and others. hit the thread and the button for "new" comments. The mods will not push us around without pushback. YYM also edited her "top" comment.

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At first I thought one of the demonstrations was a good idea. The more I thought about it and the more data I got, the more I thought both were going to be infiltrated at the organizer level and at the street level. I don't want to lend my voice when I can't control how it's being directed. Further, we know that MSM will control the narrative via CNN, Washington Post, The Daily Show, Salon.com, Bill Maher and the usual editors of reality. The people we need to reach are still in their echo chamber and will have their beliefs confirmed by edited footage of the demonstration.

We do need action, but IMO effective efforts should be directed at further research of the conditions, laws and institutions that create and protect PG pedos, and developing state and federal action plans.

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"I don't want to lend my voice when I can't control how it's being directed." THIS. They continue to try to spin things against us to make us look bad.

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Right but this is a fight and that's that happens in a fight anyway. I think there should be a peaceful protest. They are the media, they are going to try to curve ball us weather we stay in here on voat, it goes to mainstream or it goes to the streets. They are going to try to make us look bad no matter what we try to do, doesn't matter if you ask me. More awareness needs to be spread one way, or another. Fuck being scared of this. Time to see this as a battle and make moves, they aren't going to be made for us. I hope we all know this by now. Edit: besides they have already made protests outside of comet ping pong, fuck we care about them spinning a protest? Zit on your ass, it should be, my friend.

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It's volatile. I prefer us to be in control as much as we can too. Great points Sturdy and Twisted.

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If Cathy OBrien was one of the planned featured speakers that would be "another story". I know I could be wrong! But I do want to do something for the sake of doing something.

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They'll just make the protesters out to be violent crazies. It can't help.

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"both were going to be infiltrated at the organizer level and at the street level. I don't want to lend my voice when I can't control how it's being directed." No kidding!

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I have asked the mod who wrote this post to now flair it "Accuracy In Question" as real world events have proven the entire write up about the first protest to be inaccurate speculation and demoralizing sophistry at best. It is now troublesome that this discredited sticky is still planted in the spotlight here to discredit the next protest without apology . The presence of this sticky discredits ALL protest, in meta.

The mods need to be held to the same standards as the rest of the community when posting. I do not believe this sticky accurately represents the current feelings of the community (shills not included of course) and should no longer be granted the priviledge of squatting on the top of our forum. Remember, this forum belongs to the community and the mods, not just the mods.

Apologies are in order to the organizer of the first march, who OP dismissed in comments as a construction worker who she questioned was "deft" enough to market his protest the way he managed to do https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1723509/8444288 with no support and actively negative top down concern trolling from what is supposed to be the forum of record for pedogate.

I have been accused of not being "graceful" about these issues by the OP, and I concur. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1723509/8480098 We are not gracefully going to let this movement be hijacked by coddled fear based power-bottoms effecting a stifling of our energy and momentum. Kindly flair the sticky inacurrate or remove to regular submissions and restore our executive summary for newcomers, who we hope to welcome during next weekend's protest.

Co-option From Voat Is Not An Option.

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Kindly flair the sticky inacurrate or remove to regular submissions and restore our executive summary for newcomers, who we hope to welcome during next weekend's protest.

Yes, imho this is VERY important.

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Yes, absolutely!! My hope is that 100,000 get out there and protest.

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The Dr. Phil show just orange pilled a mass audience - the pump is primed if we can get some traction.

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I agree !!!

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I notice a big force trying to talk people out of attending these marches.. They dont want them out in the streets where they maight get attention, rather have all those people contaigned at some forum wich only few people know about. Yes it maight get trolled by paid people.. Staying in a forum will get the word out? I think sometimes need to take some risk. I do hope everyone will be save.

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yes, take a look at the pushback from myself and Sound of Silence and others. hit the thread and the button for "new" comments. YYM also edited her "top" comment.

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It's not necessarily the "right" thing.

If you march in the wrong direction it could make things worse, not better.

Actions should be fruitfull. All the Liberal Activist Rallys / Marches are for "feel good" reason.. emotional , psychological reasons of the demonstrators.

Even it it does nothing they want to do it? "I can't stand by. " "I can't stand it"

That's stupid. You have to think and act smart to fix this.

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But you do realize that we are dealing with a billion dollar black market run by Psychopaths right? Why dont people protest against drug cartels ? Because they dont want their families to get murdered.

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If I could give this post 100 upvoats I would.

It's a set up. British intelligence is working with the Americans and some of the shills on this forum are of that ilk. I didn't know much about David Shurter before but after seeing this particular post recently I think that he is cointelpro :

The Psych Ops of Pizzagate and the Hampstead case in the UK- Why They Are Being Connected Together

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Thank you! You are correct. Having two events so close to each other is to minimize turnout. It happened with the TeaParty. The second year there were two marches in DC, one week apart. The second one was Glen Beck's. So neither had as great a turnout as it could have been. It diluted the movement and I believe it was done on purpose. People might try to attend one or the other but not both.

It's also interesting that the March 18th organizer just joined twitter in March 2017.

The March 25th event doesn't sound like they got good speakers. It should have been better planned. I've never heard of feeding the protestors before. If it was a large crowd, there's no way they could feed the protestors, so I'm assuming they expect a small crowd, which will hurt the movement more than help.

The event should be planned a lot longer. We should have law enforcement to be speakers who specialize in taking down this trash and we need someone who can lead with a great reputation and interested in pizzagate.

I was thinking about people like Mike Flynn Jr and James Woods, someone who's already involved in PizzaGate. Or perhaps someone who already has a stellar reputation. We don't want this to be political, so perhaps someone in law enforcement, but not compromised.

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I wonder if that contractor has ties to dyncorp or some military contractor corp.

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This is the best idea I've seen. I think both events should be cancelled & reformed into one big event like this sometime in the future (maybe May 1st).

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This is a huge problem. The counterintelligence pro are waiting for this. Soros will have paid goons join in to rile up the g crowd then turn violent. You cannot advertise these events in this way. These guys are amateurs playing in a professional game. Especially if a guy like Shutter is claiming to be the anti/Christ. This feels uneasy

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Street protests do not work. Seasoned activists know this. People need to get more sophisticated and understand how the game is played.

[–] Jem777 4 points 0 points (+4|-4) ago 

Exactly. This is what HRC & Soros & Obama etc. are waiting for. They want absolute chaos. The lack of sophistication from the newest members to this investigation makes sense...probably younger less experienced. Trying to keep coming back and help direct eventhou am sent horrible messages like Shill and worse

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These kind of people never let an opportunity go to waste and to make us look bad and crazy. This will be a vehicle for their false flag fiascos and people are so asleep now sitting in front of their TVs ready to believe. We must not give them another free opportunity to make us look like the "kooks" they are already branding us. The CPP incident did enough damage. We don't need another one.

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Whatever....yeah lets just sit away typing to each other....great job we are all doing waiting for FBI to grow a pair of balls......aint gonna happen without pressure from us. So the streets is fine

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