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They will send shills to any demonstration. It is important to confront shills. If you leave them be, they will fabricate the narrative exactly as they want to represent it.

Anyone who is able to attend should go. Regular people need to outnumber the shills.

Some info that will help with shill detection: https://voat.co/v/pizzagateshills

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Ever thought that the 'thought leaders' of the march are shills themselves ?

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At least they are doing a real action.

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Don't forget that it is much easier to shill on a website than in the wide and public open, with people filming everything.

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Preach. Negative mindsets operate under the pretense of fear. Fear that the truth might still be surpressed. Fear that the satanists perverted spirituality somehow has a chance to overpower God. These people have al the resources of false power the material world could possibly provide, but the don't have what matters in life. March if you want. Take precautions of you want. Posts like these are still helpful. If I go I'll be more aware of potential dangers and what to look out for.

But guess what... These guys are scared shitless that a decent sized group might actually form. Gonna have fake pizzagaters rappelling down from CIA helicopters once they go into panic mode lmao

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'They will send shills to any demonstration.'

Keep in mind that the demonstration has already been infiltrated.

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Also posts like these are very helpful cause maybe I can get a lift from the Jackson Mi guy hahah

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thank you. upvoted.

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He is speaking at the event on March 25th, NOT March 18th

Consequently, we have removed the event flyer from the sidebar, and no longer endorse the demonstration on the 25th. A longer explanation on this is in the works, this is just a quick heads-up for the community. Thank you for pointing this out, @WolvesAndSheeple. I'm also flairing this as IMPORTANT.

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so.. why is david shurter being a speaker a reason to take it down..

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Probably because he comes across as a complete loony and would be lapped up by the MSM as the head representative for all PG related MSM..

Do you really want that?

The most sane thing he says in that vid is "all religions are bullshit"

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so.. why is david shurter being a speaker a reason to take it down..

Probably main reason was because one of the mods saw that he was against their god emperor Donald Trump;


Cant have that now can we because Trump is the Holy Savior of pizzagate even tho he has never uttered the words "pizzagate" ever.

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David Shurter has had the courage to come forward to expose his abuse. His testimony should be respected. No one who has experienced what he has claimed is going to be "the perfect witness." Far too many times the stories of survivors have been rejected as fantastical or unbelievable.

Any exposure of pizzagate helps the red pilling of the public. Even negative MSM coverage. It raises awareness.

A public conflict is more likely to get coverage than just another demonstration - too easily ignored.

Yes, there are forces that want the whole thing buried like the last times. We can continue convincing ourselves - but we're already convinced. It's the general public that has to be led to the truth. Nothing appears to be happening with the authorities. There is only so long you can live on hope.

Any action is better than nothing and we should be supporting it. All this shillshit is just another divide and rule move - to get us fighting with each other and amongst ourselves. @SturdyGal

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Huh? Why am I being called out? I am not saying don't do it. I see reasonable comments on both sides, but I tend to fall on the don't do it. Personally. Not daring to advise others. It may turn out quite well which is why I have not said anything one way or the other until last 24 hours. I have to say, pretty incredible to be called out by BOTH sides in the same thread. If a rational centrist is being called out by both sides, I really think something has to be amiss with both sides. (Don't worry, I gave the other side the business, too)

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this should be un-stickied. @wecanhelp @vindicator

it's only sowing discord and singling out individuals with no basis other than essentially, "they're not perfect/up to someone's ideal standard" is bad form. this kind of post plays right into the hands of those who would like to divide the people.

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at least, even if that's the case, we have entered the year that everything the opposition does ends up backfiring, and if this is at attempt to divide, it'll backfire, too.

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This post is not "staged." As you can see, my post is not deterring anyone from attending. People are too arrogant to look at opposing views, or even admit that they might be wrong. It is human nature. Why am I posting this? Because I care about the good decent people that are being led into this dangerous situation when it is not going to help anything or anyone. I also care about the real investigation, and the real children and adults that are being destroyed by pyschopaths. There are almost unlimited reasons why this is a bad idea, and nearly no reasons why this is a good idea. Even if these events go PERFECTLY, it will have literally zero effect on PG. The media will not cover it at all, or if they do, they will twist the narrative. We all know how they portray PG. The alternative media people covering it is playing to the choir, which is basically us, the people that are aware of what is happening. So honestly, it is a lose/lose situation. I know everyone wants to "do something", but this just is not that something.

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I believe that the media will Hijack the narrative, much like they have already done, further pushing people that are not "awake" away from anything even resembling PG and child trafficking. I think it will also discredit any claims being made with law enforcement, as who wants to be the person branded as the "conspiracy nut" in his law enforcement precinct?

Why are you certain enough to believe that?

Even if these events go PERFECTLY, it will have literally zero effect on PG.

What evidence is there for that claim..?

everyone wants to "do something", but this just is not that something.

What should be done..?

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Agree. It's a set up. British intelligence is working with the Americans and some of the shills on this forum are of that ilk. I didn't know much about David Shurter before but after seeing this particular post recently I knew that he is cointelpro :

The Psych Ops of Pizzagate and the Hampstead case in the UK- Why They Are Being Connected Together

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i'm really glad you posted this again, i'm sure we're all having the 'don't screw it up, people' thought.

but non-silent protests for pizzagate will always create catch-22 traps.. no matter who is organizing or attending.. if it's not strictly silent it's not strictly safe.. if thousands show up then it's probably going to be news.. if a small group shows up the news will probably portray it as unimportant.. but they are happening, both of them, so there's either show up in droves to drown out the efforts of provocateurs.. or not show up at all and let those provocateurs over-run a smaller group of us.. basically just sacrifice a leg or an arm to the shills.. because they're going to do what they're going to do in whatever way works best for them, regardless of how many or few sincere people are there.

the march on the 18th, even though it's launching across the street from cpp, seems to be nicely organized with a former child-sex trafficking survivor who has a lot of public speaking experience. i think it's pretty kick-ass that they got a permit to meet and hang out across from comet ping pong.. let that showing go ahead and be a red flag to everyone in that small town who goes into comet to ask what's up with all the pedo protestors across from your shop... it doesn't matter people march there or not at this point.. if the PTB want a certain false event to happen, it'll happen regardless of where people meet.. if they want a false shooting at cpp, they'll do it no matter what else.

not sure what other people are going to have friendly debate (?) about on the 25th tho (debate is always lose-lose) but i hope they can garner some more SRA survivors to speak.. it's not really all that uncommon for SRA survivors to have been programmed with an alter personality who functioned as an antichrist program (not "the" antichrist, but the programmed alter doesn't know that) and i don't see anything wrong with David being a speaker.. or any other survivor as long as they are giving inspirational testimonials with no other agenda..

i hope they can get more abuse survivors.. those are the only folks that really should be speaking at these events unless someone who can take direct action shows up.. pizzagate has a voice made up of thousands of decent people of all backgrounds and definitely doesn't need a face other than the millions of missing exploited murdered and worse victimized innocent children.

the fact that there is an open window for any investigation at all into pizzagate is in itself miraculous... these people, at the core, control the world, and have done so since one man controlling another was first done... we have to start spreading awareness at some point and that point has manifested itself.. we have to take it for what it's worth and make it work for the cause.

and in reality, that's how this has all gone on.. no matter what the many flavors of opposition have done to denounce it, it's been unshaken. i really believe it takes our unity to keep that going.

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The event to take place within weeks must have been the election of DJT, since the video is dated 28. October 2016. This guy seems psychotic, to say the least, and entangled in a world full of symbols, but I don't have the impression he is intentionally BAD. He is an abuse victim, and more often than not victims of severe abuse are somewhat out of the ordinary. If anyone thinks a protest should only invite or contain 'cleaned up' victims, or mainstream victims (whatever that may be) or victims who have grown over everything, you should really question yourself on what the hell you are chasing.

I think it's the same people that keep questioning the protests are the same people who keep asking people to stay anonymous. It's repeatedly spreading fear and trying everything to keep real faces hidden. Please excuse me, but I wonder what all these people have to hide, the people that only want these stories to be told on controllable websites like this one, You sicken me.

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Pretty easily. They will ignore it. We might as well do our work here and try to spread awareness for all the marchers to as many media outlets and channels of information as we can to help out the cause.

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Just be careful. Don't let anyone get rowdy. I wouldn't be surprised if they send people to infiltrate it

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