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The irony of ArmySeer complaining about people complaining about shills. So many lulz. How is it you have so much time to devote to pizzagate if you aren't paid by Brock yourself? Too funny.

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@Vindicator is a confirmed shill and so are other v/pizzgate mods

Anyone is free to check @armyseer post history and see that Vindicator is the shill and @armyseer is not.

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LOL. Y'all do that. Lemme link you up with my comment history for convenient perusal.

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Can you show me your evidence of the mods being shills? They delete alot of my good threads and I wouldn't mind if so many shitty ones weren't kept alive.

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It has already been posted in the comments section. And it is also something a person calling out shills should be able to find.

But you already know that and are just roleplaying.

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Your the one who just responded to the mood saying "vindicatir is a known shill" if he's a known shill than prove it. I'm not defending the mod fuck them both they keep deleting my good threads and won't respond with explanation. Even though the mods are garbage I still want proof of them being shills.

Your stupid I was literally supporting your thread yesterday faggot. Now your against me?

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It would work if people were using their downvoats enough, but they aren't. So we have to take it to the comments sections and call the shills out for poor arguments or supplement their arguments with information they may have left out (possibly intentionally).

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There are also lots of users still trying to promote this guy. It really annoys me to know that there are some people out there who might actually be fooled into believeing that David Shillman is a good guy. Fuck that guy he exploited pizza gate for money. I would actually add George Webb to that list because many users who ive identified as shills have been trying to shove this boring youtuber up my ass. Its possible that most of the famous youtube "investigators" are scheme boy misinformers.

Tip: if you want to identify which infromation shills are trying to hid look for the posts with the most downvoats.

Also do you think that sex kitten thing is actually a false narrative? I fell for that hard yesterday because everybody was trying to downvoat it. I found it weird that the user wasnt responding to me. You could be right I dont know though. The thing that got me believing it was all of the users saying "shills shills", but its always those same 3 users I see in every thread supporting the same idea or bashing the same one.

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Yes, the sex kitten thing is false narrative. Victims of child sex-trafficking would not make reliable agents. MKUltra is failed mind control research the CIA did in the 50's and 60's and any reference to it is often being made either in jest or as a deliberate attempt to mislead.

The real mind control is in controlling the media. And child sex-trafficking by the elite is done for the same reasons it is done in slums - worthless pedophiles getting their fix and enablers looking the other way due to money or threats

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MK-Ultra is still around.