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OP is a shill.

OP exposed themselves by using Trump as an insult. OP should keep Buzzfeed as a dayjob.

OP stated: "If you want to trust wikileaks, the cia, trump, alex jones, or whoever you wish, go right ahead."

You guys are all falling for a Brock Shill because he used a nice title to get you to mistrust wikileaks. Convenient, four days after Vault 7 with 99% of the content yet to be seen. And with OP's account three (oh, I'm sorry, FOUR hours) hours old. I'm sure those intentions were altruistic though.


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Not accepting anything -- I'm countering what the OP is pushing and maybe someone will read what I'm saying.

There will always be questions about Assange -- like is he even still alive? I sure hope so!! I wish we had 100 WikiLeaks.

Keep on tellin' it -- !!! :)


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:) Me too. I just hate lies that are framed as truth. And the CIA IS the enemy. The substance of the post had nothing to do with the CIA but everything to do with smearing wikileaks. The this post functions to BENEFIT the CIA.

(Hi Langley, Fuck You and Fuck David Brock. Also you make shitty memes.)


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Assange did a video link interview on Australian TV (Channel 10 - The Project, I'll try find the link) and I swear it was some sort of hologram .. his hair was 'glitching' like bad computer graphics


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Question everything, you won't hurt my feelings. But to do so INCLUDES wikileaks/assange, no?

"The CIA is pizzagate." Exactly. We agree. I fail to understand, however, why you think wikileaks is not part of the grand charade as well though. There are no true threats to the system other than us. Not some 'leak platform' we are conditioned to believe is the truth, over a long con, and now that we have been swayed wholesale to 'believe; them, what better tool/platform could there possibly be for tptb to incept/engineer/sway people now.

For someone so distrusting, which you should be, how can you be so trusting of what many of us can plainly see would be the perfect platform to be used by 'them' in wikileaks? How can you/we trust ANY sources? ESPECIALLY one who's figurehead is so easily 'touchable', and who publicly and blatantly associates with 'their' assets and representatives.

I lump all of them together yes- if you have heard of them, they are likely controlled or compromised, and the larger their reach/audience, the more important they are for tptb. If that makes you think I am a shill, I am curious to whom you think I an aligned. I think ALL government, ALL media, and ALL electoral politics and parties are controlled, illusory charades. The government is in the business of Global Human Livestock Management.

Government literally means 'mind control'. Govern- to control, Mente (from the latin 'mens')- the mind

I also condem ALL Central Banks and the UCC and Maritime Admiralty Law that connects to and enriches them, off of our lifelong debt servitude.

I am for exposing ALL criminality- human/drug/weapon trafficking, money laundering, extortion, bribery, mind control manipulation through the media, poisoning though foods/vaccinations/pollutants, etc, and ALL bloodliners and their minions. And letting the people decide how justice be served, not their courts, their LEO's etc...

If you think someone is paying me to say that, you are quite wrong. That said, if you know of anyone paying to state this positions, sign me up! I will post and post and post it.