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MOD - we are talking to @TheFreedom2Live on Sunday. Your post is wrong. Please do not mislead people.

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I merely shared information that I've found to be suspicious. What people make out of it is not up to me. These could be perfectly innocent coincidences. But we've also seen enough coincidences to know that often there's more to them than that. Precaution, especially regarding a dangerous subject like this, is healthy.

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why aren't you clearing it all up, right here, right now, with FoxDen? let there be light for God's sake.

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I merely shared information that I've found to be suspicious

This is exactly what MSM said about that fake 4chan fan-fiction russia-trump dossier "i just reported muh suspicions"


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you know that Becki Percy is going to be at the March 18th rally, right? She's one of the most amazing SRA victims speaking out for pizzagate investigation... also, the organizer of the March 18th event said he didn't know anything about FB or YouTube and it was only at a later time that a supporter volunteered to set those pages up for him..

why would Becki and Titus both be mixed up in a false flag?

did you contact the March 18th organizer before posting this?

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you know that Becki Percy is going to be at the March 18th rally, right?

Yes. What guarantees that she is not being fooled? Edit: Her speech has been canceled.

did you contact the March 18th organizer before posting this?

No. What guarantees that he will tell me the truth?

I shared my and Vindicator's thoughts about the protest. I was careful to say possible false flag, and warned to take it with a grain of salt. Obviously neither this being a false flag, nor the opposite can be verified, nonetheless the details I've shared in the post were and still are a reason for caution. The post is a mere warning that draws attention to the circumstances that could be a result of an uninformed coincidence, or could be the result of malicious intent. I don't know which one is the case, and my point is that you don't know either. In hopes of helping everyone planning on attending make an informed decision, I provided some potentially important information about the event.

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The point is - you did not do your homework - you acted on assumption, emotion and irrationally behaved. shameful.

Have you ever watched any of Becki's videos? do you have any discernment to size up fellow-labourers in this fight?

You can't "help others" by tearing down your fellow soldiers in this fight for the children to Finally have a voice..

Are you Only in favor of supporting an event manned by "big You Tubers" or are you for the little people, too?

you should immediately apologize to everyone here.. the organizer, for not contacting him, and to all of us in this sub, for throwing this in our faces, completely un-founded. Isn't titus frost the guy who pushed the narrative that cpp was holding children in the basement?


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Alternative theory: BOTH marches/protests are legit, on the up and up, etc.

Its not the march that's the false flag. The false flag would instead TARGET the marches. My thoughts on this is that the pedos and shills will send infiltrators to wreck havoc and incite violence in order to blame the PG investigation, thus feeding the fake news narrative.

This hypothesis is based on a known MO of these people.

Be vigilant, NOT fearful brothers and sisters. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. "Flip the chessboard" and understand "the gremlin in the TV" (short hand for what does your opponent want you to see and believe, something talked about in the 3rd novel of Umineko) and they will not succeed.

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why not post another warning for the other one? because david seaman (who most of voat pg seems to hate) and titus frost (who screwed up and pushed false info) will both be supporting it? maybe someone should do that since it's clearly far greater concern than the fact that someone's flyer didn't meet the approval of one individual. ridiculous.

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great video. glad Corey Feldman is re-tweeting the event.. both these events need all the help they can get.

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What are the chances that, without any precedent, two Pizzagate demonstrations are organized in the same city exactly one week apart, with the one scheduled for earlier being announced a month after the other one, without any coordination between the two?

and this just proves that we the people are on the same wavelength.. it's time for public awareness.. it's been brewing... now is not too soon.. now, is perfect to start this campaign... people are unified about pizzagate, not just in what they say and do but in a spiritual sense, there is unification.. anyone who freaks out (instead of gets excited) about TWO marches one right after the other, just doesn't seem like he's thinking straight, i'm sorry, but it doesn't make sense.

pizzagate awareness coming into it's own in the same time frames make sense tho.

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@Vindicator and @wecanhelp Whatever would possess you to do this? Becki Percy will be at the March 18th protest. There is nothing "false flag" about it. You are VERY wrong about this. Please do not divide us. Please do not besmirch the efforts of very good men and women.

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you guys deserve a public apology here in this thread.

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Or just delete the post, I'd say.

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Better call @Millennial_Falcon to this.

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You are VERY wrong about this.

I could be, and I stated that in my post to begin with. Unfair would be calling your protest a false flag without any grounds. What I did was to call it a possible false flag, based on circumstances that, should my assumption be true, would support that assumption. Instead of repeating that I'm wrong, you may as well address my points one by one, and clear up any doubt about them.

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Your 'circumstances' and 'assumptions':
1. "less popular demonstration" - oh, is it?
2. there are two demonstrations, one is registered later, so must be a false flag, because "what are the chances" - well, I first heard of the second (03/18)
3. "
imagery of violence
" - no, it's not
4. "imagery of vigilante justice" - no, it's not
5. "the temperament demonstrated" - ok, he's not a fan of Alefantis; wait, maybe you are? And do you think anyone without temperament would organize any event? I guess you lack or lost temperament and think the world is only something to be edited and moderated
6. "orchestrated to involve some sort of violence along the lines of the CPP shooting incident" - what else could this mean but the attendants being lured into commiting crime and violence? But is there no such chance in the second? Or do you think some agency made this up to let a mass shooter kill many demonstrators? Are you a conspiracist?
7. "will dilute the size and impact of both protests for sure" - yeah, right, what else could you say after all you alleged

Fear is a bad advisor, and it is bad to advise fear. You spread fear and nothing else, and it's destructive and nothing else.

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And, just as Neil Wolfe said - these events are just the beginning of a long campaign of events where we the people will call on the authorities to provide us with resolution in this matter of child-sex trafficking by the elite.

honestly, if i had a greater reservation it'd be about the March 25th event because of the original video for it where a demand for arrests to be made by that date was voiced (glad they re-thought that)... i just cannot believe the backbiting of this post.

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