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Paul Walker, the actor, spent time in Haiti and Chile working with earthquake victims. He died under similar circumstances (unexplained high speed crash into a pole, no drugs or alcohol found in his or the driver's system) and now I wonder if he knew things that made him a liability.

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he was also looking into vaccines as well.

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That's exactly what I was thinking.

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I second @VieBleu. I believe this would be good for its own post. Probably not in /v/Pizzagate though. Maybe /v/Conspiracy

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with the Haiti connection, could be pizzagate though - oops I mean pedogate. I want to start using that.

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Not far fetched to say, pretty much everything exposed now has 'something' to do with PedoGate..

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You're welcome to post anything pizza related in /v/PedoFiles.

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That sounds very worthy of it's own post. Good connecting those dots!

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we discussed this before in another post, VB. Thanks for keeping Michael alive.

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Guys.... Hillary Clinton became Senator because John Kennedy Jr.'s plane crashed... and then Nigel Farage survived a plane crash...

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Kennedy's plane/Hillary - I had forgotten that. Becoming Senator was the second rung in her climb to power, after First Lady. The Kennedy family probably never saw her coming.

I hope this whole thing explodes the CIA. everyone can talk about this with anyone, it is not pedogate. Civilians all know we are spied on to some degree.

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Kennedy hasn't even said one way or the other if he was going to run. It was just assumed.

More than likely he would have run for mayor of NYC. He had stated he wanted to start a family and being mayor would allow for him to be an active father and not have to uproot his family.

He was perceived to be a threat and taken out. Fucking shitty because he didn't seem to even want the Senate seat.

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Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone is believed to have been murdered in similar fashion in a mysterious plane accident right after standing up against the Iraq War, and after investigating allegations of abuse and other crimes connected with Monsanto, ConAgra, DuPont, Dow and other corporations. These same groups are connected with Agenda 2030. The IC is working for corporate interests outside the law and against the citizens of the United States. Trump needs to prove he is not fake and announce an immediate grand jury and investigations into Racine, Wisconsin and every community infested by Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption.

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More of a fun fact: the now Wellstone group is funded by both the Bush Foundation and Soros with linka to pro-Maoist groups previously under investigation to terrorism (including Oakland's mayor and her husband, Floyd Huen)

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We need a database to keep up with all the corruption. Maybe that's what we can use the NSA servers for.

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Correct. His foundation was taken over by the very people he was against. His family was forced into it, and they are all controlled now under the threat of ruining their father's legacy. His family has sold out their own father. It is sickening. Paul Wellstone knew the truth about Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption and was murdered for it.

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Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash with his family soon after 9/11. The rumor was that he doubted the official story.

And of course, Monsanto, du Pont and Dow support agenda 2030. These companies are owned by America's oligarchs that started the CFR, League of Nations and then the UN. They were some of the first companies allowed into China after Kissinger (a Rockefeller lieutenant) and Nixon opened ties to communist China. These companies and other US oligarch owned companies moved to China and did very well using China's slave labor.

Rockefeller then worked on getting free trade passed.

At the Bildeberg meeting in 1991 David Rockefeller walked up to Bill Clinton and asked him what he thought about NAFTA. Clinton replied, "If it's important to you, Mr Rockefeller, it's important to me." Rockefeller replied, "Thank you, Mr President."

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Wellatone died with staffers on board.

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This is all true. Paul Wellstone was one of the few who knew the real truth and spoke strongly against the collusion of big business and secret societies. He spoke about it in detail privately, and he was murdered for it.

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Also Ron Brown. Trying to research Ron Browns death you either get the official line, or he was a bad guy type articles.

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Very interesting. THis is a good thread to list these examples in our collective memorybanks of these people killed with Vault 7 tactics.

I do give Trump credit that he has turned over this wiretapping charge to be investigated by Congress - putting something in their lap for a change. If they say "nothing to it" the people I believe and hope, would run them out of office next elections.

In today's White House Press Briefing, Spicer is asked about it over and over again, so he explains pretty well how Trump is handling it. Smells right, I think he is using this to fight his enemies pretty well - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nH9zG-4Ibk

I have never watched press briefings in my life, but the ones from this administration are great. I encourage everybody to check them out regularly. it's another outlet to get the message straight from the administration and watch how the press try to spin in real time.

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Thanks for this, VB. I have been watching Alex Jones for many years. I have watched his audience, His viewership increase slowly at first and then bigger and then of course recently with the election exponentially. He certainly has taken a lot of heat for being a she'll being a sellout being whatever it is that the the trolls are saying he is or isn't. But I knew long ago didn't no matter how crazy anything he said wise the biggest service that Alex Jones has done for this country is to get millions of people to understand that's some kind of huge mega conspiracy was even possible.

No those people immense heat. They knew that he was right but when they tried to shirt with people they were shut down and shut out and insulted and ridiculed. Still, they persisted. And so to me it doesn't matter if people got on board with any weird theory isn't even matter what it was, And interestingly he might has been right about all of them. So what a critical mass was finally reached at the same time all the cosmic tumblers came together it was an amazing moment here over the last year to watch all of this coming together. Because if there was not a huge swath of people who on some fundamental level Believe it or suspected that a conspiracy and cover up and evil on a massive scale was possible, none of this would be happening. Because most people still don't believe that,

It is fascinating to me on Reddit various subs we're people have slowly but surely been trickling in saying oh my gosh I was one of the people who do the insulting and I really apologize you were right after all. They are stoned by the realization that they were on the wrong side for so long and actively on the wrong side for so long. What I do is I gently try to get those people to generalize that insight. I will suggest that at some point when they are ready they need to go in and look at everything else. Because it's all a scam it's all a hoax. I'm not sure where you are with all of this but even for me it has been this on folding. Because it was so long ago I suppose I have a luxury of dealing with this slowly, Whereas people that are finally waking up are going to have to deal with everything all at once.

While the people waking up now we'll never be able to appreciate the contribution of those who were involved in this very early on, And I don't mean to me. I have mental and emotional and physical tools to deal with this stuff that a lot of people don't have but who were also out there early fighting the good fight. I know that you understand what I'm saying because you are an incredible researcher here and as I've said before a leader in this form and this effort. What it takes for someone to be able to dig into this hellish world is on believable. In my work, I deal with dying children and their families and parents. I have never had any problem with that. For what ever reason, I was given the gift of being able to do that. What I have always said is that I do not have the ability to deal with child abuse. I think the reason for that is because when a child is dying there is the point of no return. At that point it's more about dealing with acceptance. The trouble I have with abuse, And that doesn't even get into the torture and cannibalism and sacrifice BS, is that it may never and. Kids come in desperately abuse any many cases wind up back in those very circumstances. In any case of abuse, it damages those kids for life and murders their souls. So I'm having a lot of trouble with that particular aspect of this work and I have to leave it to others, Like you who somehow have the gift of being able to dig into the darkest corners and keep going.

There may be a few grammar punctuation and spelling errors in this exceedingly long and rambling post, but I'm too tired to go back and try and fix it all and my cat keeps walking around on my keyboard. So my apologies on her behalf. Thanks for all you do.

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we luv our journo catz ; )

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Hastings had told people prior to his death that he was working on a story that could get him killed.

He had told others he was being followed.

Look at this great article explaining the crash site and where everything is. How do you crash into a tree and have the engine and transmission fky through the tree and down the street a hundred feet? http://whitenoise.kinja.com/now-im-convinced-that-michael-hastings-car-was-bombed-632980340


If he was an agent for what agency? Because he took out a general. Most mockingbird agents in media are just puppets who repeat what told, they don't learn or have access to anything. More likely Hastings was a journalist who had inside sources, some he gained while writing about "The Runaway General: General McCrystal"

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Yeah, witnesses said the engine blew out before the car crashed into the tree. No skid marks. Witnesses also saw a bright white flash before the crash. Then the firefighters were shocked/surprised when fire intensified and violently expanded when it with doused with water. It was not a petrol fire, as petrol burns orange. The flames were white. Foam had to be used.

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Teslas flame up like crazy when they burn because they have a huge battery pack filled with common 18650 lithium ion batteries. I can't remember how many, but it's a few thousand. Lithium ion batteries burn like that when they catch fire.

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Sounds like a magnesium fire. I grew up in a mining town and my friend's Dad worked in the lab there. He used to get us some magnesium coils and we would wrap it around and burn it on hardwood trees like maple or oak around our pond where we played hockey til sometimes midnight or later. It's a really slow burning metal but produces a dazzling bright white light. When chunks would fall off into the snow it would crackle pop and spark like crazy and would even melt through 6'' of ice when you used enough. Interesting phenomena to say the least

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You can see an explosive flash in this CCTV footage captured before there is any impact:


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Brake Lights?

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good points

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Good grief did you catch the name of the street he was heading toward when he crashed? But he didn't make it all the way there - uh-uh not gonna cross the Clintons.

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This is a good video. If the public only saw this streamed everywhere on their TVs, they would become so awake. The things he reveals here are staggering, yet they are absolutely true.

Also, when considering what happened to Hastings, one cannot overlook the same situation with Glenn Beck. A few years ago, on Fox, he challenged George Soros, as he was one of the first MSM hosts to reveal Soros, but subsequently received a 'visit' from that Sith Lord. After leaving his job and starting The Blaze, he said he had 'explosive' information that would change America forever - Pizzagate and probably the same information Hastings had. Beck presented this information in April of 2013, and then he never spoke of it any further. A few months later, on June 18, 2013, Hastings died. Coincidence? Definitely not. Glenn Beck and Michael Hastings received/knew the same information - one buckled under the pressure and sold out and the other didn't.

The results speak for themselves.

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Yeah I think Beck was taken to a quiet location and alerted to the fact his children could easily end up in Saudi Arabia being fucked to death by some damn Arab Prince and no one would ever believe him. And the former drunk shock jock just folded his tent and retreated.

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I think Glenn Beck is part of the deep state myself to a degree. Think about it. His mission in Haiti has no names of anyone arrested. No interviews with even the adults that were supposedly freed from human trafficking. Plus who announces a raid before they go and do the raid? The whole thing was sketchy from the start.

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Yeah, today, Alex kinda curled my toes...

I think we need to call for a twitter campaign, pass the video along if you can.

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Poor Michael Hastings. So obvious. So sad. Book "I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story."

[–] VieBleu [S] 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Pretty big news if he was not just a journalist. A government agent - most likely CIA - that wanted to turn.

I'd like to get the real story about why his wife went along - obviously intimidated and alone.

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Yeah, what would you do? And me? Jackie O was rescued by Onassis.

Another good book "Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace."


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Remember this back in nov ? http://fox59.com/2016/11/07/two-people-killed-in-fiery-tesla-crash-laid-to-rest-this-week/

McCarthy, a former FBI agent, was the president and CEO of Case Pacer, an Indianapolis-based software company.

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Some say Paul Walker was killed also? Princess Diana?

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Here is what happened to Princess Diana according to a UK PG researcher (Coleman was on this way before PG). Article was shared here yesterday. Mind blowing https://thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/andrew-picardboeckman-and-the-vip-paedophile-connection/

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Yep I believe that's true also .

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Good point on Princess Diana. She was an amazing woman with a lot of courage. And she knew too much.

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"McCarthy was named to Indianapolis Business Journal's 40 under 40 list in 2008, when he was president of Sigma Communications. That company developed Reserve 911, a software communications tool that allowed government agencies and institutions to send geographically targeted messages to people in an area affected by an emergency. He also spent nine years as a special agent for the FBI."

So what did he uncover...know...

BTW move your ? away from url to make it live -

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Thanks for that tidbit . I remember this distinctly , because the anons on 4chan were freaking out about this when it happened .

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Ex FBI, an Austin banking lawyer and an Austin renewable energy lobbyist died in a plane crash in Australia just last month. News articles described "interesting facets " discovered in the crash but there has been no further info released.

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