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OOOoh. GLP. Now I get it.


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George Washinton Research University Hall's experiment was to take 17 microscopic embryos and multiply them to 48. that 48 embryos, clones.


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I thought this comment from one GLP-er was interesting:

"Probably the most original McCann theory I've heard! If nothing else, full marks for creativity.

But seriously Madeleine's about the right age to be a product of the most recent cloning advances. It was in 2004 that the South Koreans started announcing cloned human embryos and although one of their researchers was later revealed as a fraud, it seems the actual research was not in doubt.

[link to edition.cnn.com]

Gerry McCann's a high ranking doctor with Govt links. The couple aren't just "Joe Average"! It would account for the weird subtext to the kidnapping where the McCanns seemed to be playing along, then denying it. And the amount of press coverage."