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obama wire tapping him is the tip of the iceberg. trump knows everything. how he is going to tell the public is his biggest challenge


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Agree with this..Trump is not stupid..if you think he is, boy look back in time...Trump is brilliant and a chess player. NO WAY IN HELL did he impulsively tweet what he did re: Obama..this is planned and part of the roll interesting to watch what happens today...but Flynn, Session's press conference, twitter, all somewhat planned..also fall in line with human trafficking, etc of late...while I do not have inside information, my "spidey" sense is tingling and this is about to go down big!


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the fact that obama isnt going away is becoming conspicuous. why isnt he going away and who is paying him to stay around ?


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He's very particular about how he breaks news to the public. He doesn't bury them in avalanches of data, but shitpost-length truth-bombs.

I think he's allowing his opposition to hang themselves. As OP said, they're becoming more bold, which is when they'll make the most mistakes.

Also, he's essentially still mine-sweeping the post-Obama administration bloc.


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But I can't see them hanging themselves. I see them only taking down re-grouping and taking down Trump's people one by one.


[–] crystalclearme ago 

Is my conclusion as well. Will be fantastic to have all these interviews of denial to be played ....Granted it won't be any MSM news pushing them out there - it will be up to us

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[–] Instincts ago  (edited ago)

My rant. I say put it all out there on the table & let karma sort that shit out. John Q Public is bound to step up to the plate...knowledge is power....let her rip wide open. POTUS will not be standing alone.

We are not in control of outcomes and I believe it is morally, ethically wrong to not immediately annnounce and handle this atrocity! Too many children & infants have suffered/died already... dammit.