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We need to make the McCain Institute a household name like the Clinton Foundation.

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What if McCain is off hobnobbing in other countries because his foundation is now doing Clinton's foundation business to take heat off them but keep the product and money flowing.

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This is why it is FUNDAMENTAL to prosecute PERSONS rather than charities, foundations or corporations.

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IMPRESSIVE! (Again, so much more than anything we EVER see from professional investigative journalists.) I'll definitely take some time to read it all, asap.

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Thanks. Please read it all and do some digging as well. Having the worlds wealthiest and most powerful people in the same room talking a good portion about human trafficking and foreign policy...with zero media coverage...something ain't right. Its up to us to figure it out though.

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"Clinton, a prospective 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, will appear on stage Saturday with McCain at the Sedona Forum, an annual ideas festival hosted by the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University. Clinton is among the national and international business leaders, philanthropists and public figures appearing at the gathering, held in Sedona, the tony red-rocks oasis in Arizona's Verde Valley." - from WaPo

McCain owned a ranch in Sedona, I think he sold it.

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Great work , I think with all huge finds should be sent to George Webb ,he has direct link to whitehouse

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Just FYI, Maddie McCann disappeared in May not Sept.

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This exposure might prevent the new Obama foundation brainchild from digging new rat holes.

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If you guys are not professional investigators, I don't know what is. I mean think of the level of deceit most of us have been completely fooled! The people who could have had this blown open along time ago just ignored it . We have truly been oppressed our whole lives. Slavery never ended . Period! I think if the left sees us pizzagators going after everyone involved they may see that we are not out to get them . We are here to save them.

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Parasite and host.

"A civilization's decline ... occurs when ... social arrangements that meet real social needs are transformed into social institutions serving their own purposes regardless of real social needs." - Carroll Quigley

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We need to meme the shit out of that.

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Everything we've been told the last 10,20,30 years is a lie! It's truly astounding the things that are being uncovered

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I love you Pizzagatebot!!!!!!

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Pizzabot is the best wow!

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PizzagateBot, you Rock! Are you Single? xox

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that's a great amount of info!

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Superb, OP!

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Thanks. Took a ton of work. Need some rest now. lol. Please be sure to upvoat if you haven't already. This needs as many eyes on it as possible!

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Great job! Fantastic work

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Hi, All,

There's been lots of discussions that involve these not-for-profit (NFP) organizations, but I've not found where anybody on the forum here has talked about the tax returns for these not-for-profits. The IRS requires that NFPs file some form of a 990 form each year to maintain their tax-exempt status (there are 990-EZs for simple organizations and the bigger 990s for more complex organizations). These tax returns ARE SUBJECT TO PUBLIC INSPECTION. Therefore, lots of organizations post them on their websites and there are other charitable organization ratings/monitoring companies that also make these returns available (e.g. www.guidestar.org).

For example, the McCain Institute Foundation 's 44-page 990 form for 2014 is here:

2014 McCain Institute Foundation tax return: (https://www.scribd.com/document/306548232/McCain-Institute-2014-990))

What's interesting about these returns is that besides the income and expenses of the organization, they list the directors and lots of other pertinent information, like the names of organizations to which they give grants or make donations as well as people/organizations from whom they receive contributions in excess of $5,000. If you look at this McCain Institute 2014 return, you'll see that the Royal Embassy of Saudia Arabia contributed $1,000,000 to the McCain Institute in 2014. There are others listed as well: The Eranda Foundation from the UK -- I don't know who they are but they donated $300,000 in 2014

In addition, this particular 990 has a 23-page Investments Schedule attached to it which details, for example, how many shares in the HSBC FDS Hedge fund they own. (Didn't I see a post earlier today talking about HSBC's link to money laundering for some of these criminals?) All of which is to say that there's a huge amount of information on these IRS public record tax returns.

I have been trying to do some research on a few of these NFPs, which I will post when it's in better order, but for now, I want people to know this resource is out there.

Here's the IRS website to find an EIN (Employer Identification Number) for NFPs:


The search criteria requires you to put the name in quotes to have a manageable list (e.g., "McCain Institute" pulls up just the one).

The beauty of having an EIN is that it's very specific, so it's easily searched on google. For example, I entered the EIN for "Innocents at Risk" and the top five items were ALL pertinent.

Also these are usually available as downloadable pdfs so that helps in countering the disappearing-evidence problem that we all keep seeing.

So, if people can get started pulling the 990 forms for all of these various NFPs that are tied into all of this, they will give us lots of leads to work with. Organizations that don't post their 990s are supposed to provide them upon request.

I'm sorry I can't take more time right now, but I will happily answer questions if anybody has any related to this post. (I'm no tax expert or anything, but I do have a bit of familiarity with 990-EZs.)

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Eranda Foundation is owned and operated by the Rothschilds. Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her husband Evelyn Rothschild. Lynn Rothschild is on the McCain Institute Board of Trustees.


She is a close friend and major financial backer of Hillary Clinton and she also backed John McCain in 2008 after Hillary lost the DNC nomination to Barack Obama.

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Hi, Koched_Up404: I just referenced your above comment in a different thread: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1718090

(Sorry if there's a better way to do this that I should be following but don't know about.)

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Interesting. Does it seem like Obama isn't or wasn't in as deep as McCain and Clinton in these NFPs and shady trafficking organizations. Not saying Obama is good, just pointing out that Rothschild supported McCain over Obama -- crossing party lines. as well as Hillary over Obama.

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thanks for this comment!! super helpful

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I had mentioned Miliband here as his organisation is one of the voluntary agencies making a load of taxpayers' money relocating refugees in the US https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1639561

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Absolutely brilliant... well done, never heard of the Sedona Forum. Upvoats for this man, upvoat hard. Time to follow some of your breadcrumb trails!

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