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"pizzagate" should also be linked to pedo-gate -- and should also come up in any search of James Alefantis - that is back to Voat or to the website :)


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Yep. #pedogate is powerful. It overcomes a lot of the limits of pizzagate (censorship, previous misconceptions, the idea that it is a loony theory about a restaurant) while adding depth to the reality we have uncovered.


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Thank you for the reply -- :)

Am also hoping that the arrests of pedophile rings continue on because that is another opportunity to force the MSM to acknowledge those arrests and the broader picture of human trafficking.

We also see the lack of any true reporting on the drug trafficking which often goes hand in hand with the human trafficking/organ trafficking. A bit of honesty about all of that would be helpful to the public, as well.

No business exceeds the profits of the drug trade and that includes our own MIC and profits from it.