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I'll upvote this later when i get more to use lol. i search pizzagate on FB and Twitter everyday and can still find info easily though. But yes i do know they are compromised and can't be trusted, saw censorship with my own eyes these past months. I only joined twitter to promote pgate and will delete when i'm done and will notify my network to do the same.


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google pizzagate alone, and scroll to the bottom for this message:

In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at

Link to the complaint where v/pizzagate is listed as blocked:

On FB and Twitter, they use a shadow banning technique. It is sometimes blatant and sometimes subtle, but I have experienced it. One way they do this is to show a tweet about pizzagate only to those followers who have limited followers, blocking it from those who have large and engaged followers. There have been many posts about this issue by others in this forum. So you may think it is not being blocked, but it is. On YouTube, they will suppress results from showing or suppress views, again as a way to limit exposure to larger audiences. The techniques serve to allow those currently engaged to generally connect with others, so it is not easily seen, but they limit getting this truth out to people in the general public who have VERY large audiences.

Edit: The DMCA message at the bottom of page one on a google search of pizzagate appears to have disappeared around 11:45 EST. I am no longer seeing this result. We are still in their banned database, as evidenced here (related to anime?!):

Regardless, we need these workaround strategies as pizzagate is a compromised term on all of the major platforms like google, FB twitter, and YT. They are going to major lengths to restrict our exposure to those who already know about pizzagate and to limit exposure to the general public. It could be that the suppression relates to cache results in visiting voat: That is, if you search on pizzagate and a cache review of history does not show you have been to voat, the results could be different and block voat. This is a just a guess, but we absolutely confirmed google censorship of voat this morning.

Edit 2: @LostandFound created an archive that shows the results we were getting this morning on a google search of pizzagate: (proves that voat was literally scrubbed from the results). is specifically listed in the banned results page off of that link -


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This has gone beyond pizzagate, we have to think of several memes.


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When I search "Pizzagate" now - just pizzagate; no other words - is the second search result. However, it's still listed in that second lumendatabase list in the middle of a bunch of anime stuff.


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Just checked FB. 90k people are talking about pizzagate right now and about 1k talking about pedogate.


[–] Cleareyes ago 

Thanks, wouldn't put it past them, will use pedogate and other terms too then. I have the similar web toolbar, says Voat received 5M visits in the last month, i also see different groups on fb posting a lot and gaining members, i do agree with your comments though and will have to counter their suppression attempts. Until the high level arrests take place, i can't let my regular posting about it slide much so might as well put effort in being more effective.