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Okay, what about that kid who tried to scale Trump Tower last summer? I remember sitting in the lobby of a hotel, not really paying attention to the circus on the tv, not caring about the election nor politics in the least at the time. How long ago that seems! Anyway, I do remember being struck by Shepherd Smith's bitchy attitude toward Trump for some reason. Can't remember exactly what he said but at the time it seemed way irrational, like he was talking to Trump directly. (This was before I heard that Trump supposedly usually watches Fox.) But I figured Shep was just a Never Trumper. Then, months later, listening to George Webb one day, he made an inference to that climber kid possibly being a survivor of a brownstone operation in Bethesda! What ever happened to that kid? I have lots of contacts at the hospital where he was taken for a psych evaluation but I'm afraid to ask about him. I know it's a huge stretch to link Sheppy with that kid but he was terribly agitated during that whole drama for the approximately hour and a half I watched it. (Or is he always that pissy re: live Trump "events"?) Then all mention of the kid went "poof" afterwards. At the very least I need to look into that climber kid...


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Wow. Third story to come up for "man climbs trump tower" is actually a treasure trove despite being CIA News Network: Oh look, he went to: Where? LANGLEY High School, VA. Hmm. Interesting. Sorry mods if this has all been posted before: Will look it up so I don't regurgitate. But I felt I should leave this here before I completely forget about the possible connection between Sheperd Smith and Climber Boy, if only in my imagination. Who knows?


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Thread about Michael Joseph Ryan/Stephen Rogata: This is terribly suspicious, no? Not even talking about Sheperd Smith any more. Why has this apparently just been dropped? Vexing, to say the least.