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What does this mean?

/v/pizzagate is no longer shown in Google results for the term pizzagate, a notice linking to the copyright takedown is at the bottom of the page.

Who directly behind this?

The takedown service is owned by a partner at a Texas patent/copyright troll law firm, who appears to have attended the DNC. They own several other services besides "Remove Your Media, LLC" with names such as "Removeyourcontent, LLC" and "Copyright Defense Agency, LLC"

Other Activities

The owner of the law firm, Stone & Vaughan, also has a long history of being involved with distribution of pornography. In a public example, he partnered with several adult production companies to collect data to sue downloaders and split the profits

Other Notes

This is a huge network, with address sharing overlapping several Clinton / Podesta affiliated companies yet to be explored. Searching any of the company names above leads to address history which could be used to analyze connections.


Another huge example of DMCA-use for censorship, this lawyer writes a DMCA notice on behalf of a client deindexing archive links to Comet Pizza related instagram caches and searches for the well known "ccwoolman", descriptions of the images by the lawyer are obviously the ones we're all well aware of, for example:

  • Photo of baby eating pizza

  • Photo of 2 men with pizza covering child

etc, claiming they're property of her client (clearly indicating that this is likely ccwoolman or an associate)

She even attempts to reach out to them on Twitter to try to get the content removed. on behalf of "C.A. Goldberg Law" a "sexual consent law firm" (WTF?) focused on "de-anonymizing social media profiles"

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This could open them to interest and additional investigation from people motivated by an uncensored free internet. This could potentially be their greatest miscalculation to date. The information should be spread to certain corners of the internet. Edit: I would upvote your comment and post but my karma is drained from nailing shills all day.

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https://archive.is/OVzF8 - archive link for "he partnered with several adult production companies to collect data to sue downloaders and split the profits"

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I would bet that the lawyer behind this, Carrie A. Goldberg, has some interesting family connections.

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I wouldn't be surprised.

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Or some interesting personal connections. Here she is buddying up with Sarkeesian.

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(((Lindsay Lieberman)))

(((Carrie A. Goldberg)))

(((Goldberg Law)))

I hope that doesnt open up any Anti-Defamation lawsutis...:(


Carrie Goldberg's piece for the Washington Post on Comet Ping Pong;



Carrie is unprofessionally feisty;



Lawyer bitch has no lenses with her glasses?...I guess it makes her look...smarter?

RANT: Sony Hack Isn't About Free Speech, It's About Private Speech


Here is a questionable pedo ad on Voat - bottom right;


Why is Voat advertising for Bernd and The Mystery of Unteralterbach on this page! It is a known erotic game for PEDOPHILES!!!


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Hi. Don't conflate actual child abuse with drawings.


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If people don't believe there's something about pizzagate just show them the censorship going on.

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Too true. Ben Swann is case in point to this. Discusses 9/11, Sandy Hook, Syria, chats with Alex Jones, no problems. Discusses PG, BOOM! And that's on top of how hard the MSM throws around strawman arguments about PG and goes way out of their way to talk about how fake it is.

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"pizzagate is fake!" then uh, why file a copyright takedown to hide a message board where people are just discussing things in open.....? oh ya, because IT'S TRUE.

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Can we get it trending? I rather like the #GoogleProtectsPedophiles hashtag.

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That was my first thought. I like it. Google loves pizza.

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I rather like the #GoogleProtectsPedophiles hashtag.

Its true...they are all in on it...

Twitter, Google/Youtube, Microsoft, Facebook are Connected to NMCEC by Vice President John Shehan of INHOPE


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#RelistRape is another option. Edit: Formatting

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I noticed what I think is intentional sliding going on to suppress this thread and I've reported it to the mods https://voat.co/v/pizzagatemods/1690858

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I pretty much isolated the list keyword by keyword and the voat link is the only link that is not related to anime.


I wonder how often they do stuff like this. It reminds me of law makers embedding some ridiculous law or provision in a 1000+ page bill that nobody really reads.

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They may have actually created an ad to run on voat to justify it. Remember the ad for the pedo game with the anime character? If that character is from "Dragon Gate" then it was a setup.

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That's possibly a bombshell. Does anyone have a screen shot of the ad and information on who ran it? It would be nice if Voat admins could find out and release it.

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I forgot about that. It was a pedo game!

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Literally the only one, holy shit. I mean, if you're going to try to hide it, at least do it with a bunch of other random controversial content to make your target unclear.

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You have "kamestu" twice (and "kametsu" once).

Great work. Prior to seeing your results, I was wondering about the list being all about anime, and the word "gate" is in the mix too; I thought maybe a bunch of "gate" URLs got swept up. You have shown that that's not the case.

(FTR, I know nothing about anime other than that it's popular with a lot of the whippersnappers lately. I have no idea who/what a kametsu/kamestu is.)

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You have "kamestu" twice (and "kametsu" once).

Been up for 18 hours, its a sign to hit the sack, kamestu is the right filter.

I know nothing about anime

Me neither, I just kept adding words to the list, and even checked a few of them like the deathmatchzone link which is still an anime stream, till the voat link was the only one left.

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Confirmed. This is something.

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I am in total awe.

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