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"I wouldn't believe it even it it was true."

Here is a DIRECTLY RELEVANT discussion of this phenomenon:

"Psychologists Explain 911 Denial Despite Hard Scientific Evidence"

  • If anyone here is truly puzzled about the psychology behind this yet doesn't believe that 9/11 was an inside job, I gently challenge you to try to understand why you don't. It's exactly the same thing, maybe even a stronger example because there are actually 16 years of hard facts, scientific research, and government denial, disinformation and misinformation.

  • If someone reading this thinks it's important enough for a separate post, please create one.


[–] gumshoe_mob ago 

The gov denial of the truth of 911 may be related to the issue of LIABILITY, and it would bankrupt our country. Among the thousand killed were foreign citizens. Also, there are many insurance policies that will not pay for "acts of war." If it is designated as a "crime" rather than an "act of war" then insurance companies must pay out to everyone, which could bankrupt the insurance companies. The insurance companies then, would have to investigate before paying.