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EDIT: This person is no victim and no friend. This person is a fraud who stalks other users and falsely debunks true allegations without doing any research and demands to be spoon fed every bit of information in lieu of research, investigation, and critical thinking. See below where they are doing exactly what they describe above - they do NOT want to hear the truth, and 11 years of research has resulted in being incredibly ignorant and a complete shill who makes their decisions about truthfulness based on someone's ID on Voat. This person is exactly why Pizzagate will go nowhere without a better strategy.

ORIGINAL: For those who have knowledge of these crimes or witnessed these crimes, it can be discouraging and dangerous to expose the truth, particularly on sites like Reddit that are controlled and compromised. Voat is not without its problems, but still offers some hope. The people involved are very powerful and hedge all sides of all cases. Don't give up. Don't ever give up.

Also, in case you want to help, Racine, Wisconsin is the key to solving Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption. It sounds strange but it is true. We need to help each other. Instead of changing the name of Pizzagate to something else, we need to shift the story away from the basement of a pizza place to Main Street USA in Racine, Wisconsin.

We need to put the spotlight on Paul Ryan's own district which is an epicenter for Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption. Racine is known for pizza in more than one way, and it connects the dots that could not be connected by other means. It would accomplish what the Franklin scandal in Omaha could not. What if everyone realized they could save the world by supporting something so simple and obvious? We can still help Johnny Gosch by doing the right thing this time around.


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"Racine, Wisconsin is the key to solving Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption"

You have posted that ad infinitum, littering practically every thread with this stuff. And you STILL haven't supplied a single link -- despite numerous requests -- and you have also crawfished from this hyperbole on another thread.


  • Make up your mind. Is Racine, WI the "key to solving PG and global criminal corruption" or isn't it? You can't have it both ways.

  • Put up or shut up. Give at least one supportive link to your position, whenever you decide what that is.

Otherwise, you're just a spammer. Which your moniker suggests, BTW.


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Hello stalker. Don't believe it if you don't want to. Don't research it if you don't want to.

It is all true. But there are shills like you who get off on falsely debunking things you are clueless about. Do you need a link to know about Johnny Gosch or did you debunk that too and he is actually in Hawaii with the other winners from The Running Man?

Your moniker suggests you fuck horses, BTW. Stick to that and leave saving the world to the rest of us.


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You keep saying all roads lead to.Racine

So please do a post with supporting links to at least give investigators a reason to focus on Racine.


[–] Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt ago  (edited ago)

Here are some videos that begin to show you some of the corruption in Racine. Also look up some old blogs called Racine Exposed and News the Journal Times Can't Use. Those cover some of what has been going on in Racine, but it goes much deeper than that. Am working on a more complete list of how it is all connected, but please start here if you want to see a glimpse into some parts of the corruption in Racine.