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Pizzagate isn't about Comet Pizza in Washington DC.
Comet is but one shop front for what goes on behind the scenes in the world wide trafficking ring of children.


[–] Truewarrior [S] 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago 

I'm fully aware of how deep it goes. I've been doing research for months. Thank you for reminding me. I brought this article and news to voat because there was concern that this new hashtag #whyiloveizza was believed to be started by shills to take power away from our investigation. The fact that someone reposted that one was getting confused for the other proves if this was the shills it backfired. Capishe?


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My comment was targeted to new comers to Voat as the article stated that Pizzagate centred around Comet and of course we know that is wrong, and deliberately so :-)