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She has been talking about corruption and the deep state for many many years. Lately she has also opened her mouth about PG and child- trafficing. Clearly this shutdown has Connection to the deep state. https://twitter.com/cynthiamckinney/status/836626273375936513

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I have always been very grateful they didn't kill her. She is an incredibly brave woman.

If you are not familiar with this amazing 2006 incident which I believe was staged/provoked, it was the beginning of the end of her political career. that was the point.


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Oh wow. She even brought up 911! I wish she would do an AMA!

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Opened her mouth on PG? Cynthia has been opening her mouth on the pedos for years! They took her down because it's GROWING.....YUGE~!

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The Deep State has been messing with her for years, and she keeps returning. Good for her.

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Of course they would do this to her. She was probably one of the only honest voices in Washington plus she disclosed the info about Dyncorp and trafficking children years ago

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They couldn't be more obvious about their deep state censorship campaign. So much for the 1st amendment and a free press.

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We have always had "freedom of speech." And they have always been taking names.

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I hope shes safe

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Love Cynthia McKinney -- she was an excellent Congressional Rep -- and TPTB did everything they could to get her out of Congress!!

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It's really hard for me to get behind McKinney. There she is complaining about her own show being taken off the air on Twitter, and just beneath that, there's a tweet with her bitchin' about Kellyanne Conway trying to get a picture while kneeling on the couch. McKinney described it as "being disrespectful to a roomful of black men"?!!!! Huh? So stupid. So so so so stupid. I'm happy she's covering #pizzagate and speaking out, but, man, she's an idiot!

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I just looked at the retweet you're talking about. Wow, I can't believe how they took that pic out of context, and can't imagine why Cynthia would participate in such disinformation. It is a truly baffling choice for someone who seems so sensible...

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That's what I'm talking about. To me, it looked like Kellyanne threw herself into getting that damned picture right and didn't care anything about how she appeared. She wanted to get the picture. I used to take photos and maybe that's why I'm looking at this like a photographer. I can't tell you how many times I was flat on the ground, on my stomach, or in an equally absurd position trying to get the right shot. McKinney is off her rocker. She really is. I guess pizzagate is something we can agree on, but it's like warming up to mad cow disease.

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Please post that tweet? I can't find anything

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I noticed McKinney's comment about Conway on Tweeter, and just chalked it up to cultural differences. Just my opinion, but speaking through your cultural experiences isn't always stupid, and many times its misunderstood by others.

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It's not cultural. Black photographers get on the floor to take photos, I can assure you they do. If you're a photographer, you get in some weird ass positions to snag the shot .. on and off the couch.

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yes, i remember her way back when she was a representative, she was a loud mouth about a lot of silly stuff. I give her props for caring about the kids though. Her rant about Kellyanne, i just ignore.

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I get what you're saying, but when you give somebody a platform, you give them a platform to say the stupid stuff, too. You know who she reminds me of? Bill Maher. Now Maher is a shill, but he's such an idiot that when he did say something that was informative, I couldn't get behind him. It's the same with McKinney.

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What pathetic garbage they are, they take THE PEOPLE for idiots. I guess they really believe if it isn't talked about openly it doesn't exist, and we'll forget all about it. Well, that used to happen but the internet changed all that. Which is why HRC has it infer the internet.

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What pathetic garbage they are, they take THE PEOPLE for idiots.

Almost. They make THE PEOPLE for idiots. It's working fairly well, if you look around. They do panic a little when various pockets break out of their programming (as evidenced here).

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