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Her rival and way better Rapper Remy Ma who is independent and not illuminati calls out Nikki Minaj in her new single Shether about supporting a pedophile and how she should be ashamed. It's getting a lot of press and the track is Number 2 on iTunes. Support this girl. She is on our side.


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Please guys, the Music Industry and especially rap/hiphop/pop/roxk should get a hard hard look.

One of my favourite rappers Chad Butler aka Pimp C died in his sleep due to sleep after doing interviews on a well know Texas or Atlanta radio station.

He called out most of the rappers from the South for being involved in homosexuality... That in itself ain't the big deal.

But please look up the Ozone interview and just google "pimp c calls out gay rappers"...

Nicki is part of Cash Money / Young Money. "signed/discovered" by Lil Wayne guys. Lil Wayne was the least popular member of the Hot Boyz group. He was the youngest though indeed.

Hot Boyz rap video "We on fire" include lots of shirtless young adults with sweaty oily bods. I was a youngins when this came out put now I see why they're shirtless man this stuff is sick.

The " hot boys" were ripped apart eventually, some jail, some dead.

Birdman was the one calling the shots and you can see his legacy of overly sexual/druggy/gangsta rappers. Lil Wayne and Birdman got caught locking lips abput ten years back... Photos online... I just recently saw another old member trying to "normalize" it saying they all did it.



If I'm hijacking sorry Guys.

REMY MA needs our support! Any upcoming famous or sorta connected person who gets jailed, seems like they didn't want to fuck babies. I also think we should look into her medical records.

She just had a "miscarrige", maybe a reality TV trope or a "deal for a deal"... I don't know what to make of this. Nicki Minaj trolled her about the pregnancy....

This whole shit is sloppy


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Nikki Minaj's mk ultra alter ego is Roman, or Roman Polanski, Hollywood director known and accused of child rape. She has publicly stated interviews that she gets possessed by personality when she performs. Doesn't shock me that she advocates pedophilia.


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Nothing to see here truthers.....just another possesed individual feeding their demon with the tears and innocence of children.

When you pray for fame, money and/or power Jesus isn't going to answer your call, however a demon will, but at a cost.


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https://archive.is/k6dIz | https://vgy.me/zJbhjI.png :

Nicki Minaj posts selfie with brother Jelani Maraj after paying $100K bail | Daily Mail Online

"See more updates on Nicki Minaj and her brother's arrest for rape'I would cross the ocean for u."

'Nicki Minaj showed her support for big brother Jelani Maraj by including the child rape suspect in her family selfie at a New York bowling alley on Wednesday. '

'According to the New York Post, Jelani is facing a possible 25-year prison sentence for charges of first-degree rape and first-degree sexual conduct against a preteen. ', "Can't believe I cried during his wedding and his first dance like a punk. 'May God bless him and his union."

'Turns out the Philadelphia-born 28-year-old - born Robert Williams - was supposed to obtain a travel voucher to attend the American Music Awards in Los Angeles with Nicki. '

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Do people actually follow this? Why? Trash is trash.


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She's a mk rec she's even said it herself. Anyone who listens to them is being brainwashed.


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I live in that town...

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