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It is hard to see the light and this is nothing new. Check out Plato's Allegory of the cave.


[–] gardenofbacchus [S] 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

But what makes some people more susceptible to wanting to know the truth? I want to know the truth about literally everything, and have always been that way, but why do other people never give a shit? I understand Plato's allegory, but at some point we have to address why in the first place people like us are more susceptible to being red-pilled and wanting to learn compared to others who aren't. Is it a biological thing? Are we smarter? Dumber?


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You remember that scene in the Matrix where Cyphur wants to get plugged back into the system? He knows that ignorance is a blissful life. Knowing that a state sanctioned pedophile ring is kidnapping, raping and murdering children is a reality NO ONE wants to wake up to.


[–] jaxyou 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

I think it can been any or none of the above really. It could be a specific life event that changed the way you think or maybe it could be a biological thing where we have more of some chemical in our brain who knows. I also believe there are people just inherently more open minded for whatever reason. I think it can be the amount we are exposed to the indoctrination of MSM and I am talking about news, movies, tv shows, music etc. It could be where you grew up or even a really good teacher you had one time that made you see things differently. For me it is in some ways the same as a drug addict. They have know idea how bad they are and how shit their life is until one day for whatever reason they have that moment of clarity.


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It's the flock mentality. In a flock, the worst thing is to be ostracized. It's easier to go with the flow than to rebel. Most people don't even dare listen to music that isn't "acceptable".


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Set adrift in the multiverse

By the whims of fate

In thrall to the demiurge

We all await escape

From beyond the waveform

Reaching the wall

Giving birth to a universe

Mother of all

Living information

Transverging space-time

Flowing down from the overworld

Into the mind of mankind

Darkness and light entwine

Everything is all the time

All around you points align

Everything is all the time

** You want to live for eternity

To see behind the veil

Everything comes around again

The serpent eats its tail**

The Sword - Apocryphon