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When you're taking flack, you know that you are over the target.

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Can twitter ban the word "Bilbo Baggins"?

"Bilbo Baggins" lived with Brian Podesta of the NCMEC(National Center For Missing and Exploited Children)


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Alot of investigations are leading to NCMEC (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children). I was browsing their twitter (missingkids) and their CEO John F Clark is also on twitter. I decided to see who John F Clark (MissingKidsCEO) is following. He is following @Palantir , the Foreign Affairs Committee @HouseForeign , @Amber Alert (alertsense aka Laura Silsbys company) , Chuck Schumer, Various Bidens and Biden oragnizations, The Mccain's , as well as many many individuals who claim they work for NCMEC or are on the Board. just in the process of connecting the dots.

Also alot of smaller organizations connected to ncmec

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Pre Brian Podesta breakthrough links re NCMEC...

CONNECTIONS - ICMEC, NCMEC, Jeff Koons, Alefantis, Silsby, Koon Family Foundation, State Department, Clinton (pizzagate)


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More on the board for ICMEC & loose link to the dutroux affair https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1530150

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Sooo THIS IS PEDOGATE. If we expose the supply of the children, and law enforcement does something about, the whole pedo op ends. This needs to be the entire focus of pizzagate, not just JA, JP, comet PP. Am I right?

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There is also the Jeff Koons connection to NCMEC

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Archive his follow list please!

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I think you and OP are tracing right path. Thanks for the head up.

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Thank you. Just seen honeybees latest video. Highly recommend her stuff, informative and well researched/presented.

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Hi do you have a link for them?

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Apologies I've only just seen your message. Hope you found the vids, The Honeybee on you tube.

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Hi! I used Google to find related Voat posts using the URLs in your thread and created these links for them:

Twitter user forced to delete pizzagate tweets and give her phone number to regain access
Child Porn produced in UNESCO/UNICEF basement

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Doing good bot!

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I've posted Honey Bee's videos several times and had them all deleted. Censorship is in full effect. Don't let up because the proof is in their reaction. Someone somewhere is going to then, game on. McCain, CF, PizzaGate, big business trafficking humans. We're getting closer to the light.

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This kind of pushback is just proof they're something here.

Upvoat for you and dig, dig, dig.

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One of the places Brian Podesta listed at having lived at is McClean Virginia. This is where Langley is - the home of the CIA

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it's also the hometown of the Alefantis family.

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