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There has been a planned simultaneous takedown on all of David's plattforms!! This needs to generate an uproar from this community, there has been massive shilling on this sub to discredit DS for the last couple of weeks! This has been a well orchestrated coup to irradicate him off the internet completely. He had so much shit happening to him, it was terrifying, people around him died, they froze his bank accounts and he potentially got poisened!! If we let this happen just like that there sure won't be another person of public interest going to speak out about this anytime soon! If they can do it to David Seaman they can do it to everyone! This is a clear attempt to silence and intimidate potential advocates of pizzagate. Don't be fooled, there is no reason for us to antagonise David Seaman or any other researchers, shills have been trying hard to divide this community. We have to stand together now and push back even harder, David Seaman needs our help. FUCK THESE PAYED PEDO PROTECTING SHILLS