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Regurgitating information without doing research is not "taking credit." He only takes credit for talking about things which is because he does, in fact, talk about them.

Out of all the YouTubers out there talking about this, he is by no means the worst.

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That's totally different. Nobody's giving grades for this nor is talking about this stuff something that will earn you a degree. What you're describing is like cheating. Besides, Seaman has mentioned Voat at least a few times.

Honestly, anyone who wants individual credit for their findings needs to check their ego as far as I'm concerned. I'd be honored if he talked about the stuff I put together because it would mean that a bunch of people would get to hear about it.

What's sticking out to me like a sore thumb is that people aren't saying "ignore him" or "he's irrelevant," they're basically saying, "He must be shunned." I'd sooner question the motives of faceless users here than someone who has put themselves out there the way that he has.