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David Seaman, Pizzagate & Goldmoney

some highlights:

31:40 - in 2012 david holds reddit AMA where he announces he will be running for congress and needs money. he drops out within 4 months and never provides evidence that the donations were passed on to a worthy cause (as he claimed the funds would be). The AMA: Reddit, I'm a non-politician running for United States Congress to defend Internet freedom, right to trial, reduce police state craziness, and be a voice of relative sanity in D.C. AMAA.

34:30 - david raises funds to start a morning show and uses the money to move to LA where an unknown partner spent the remaining funds. joe rogan also snubs DS for a potential job.

35:00 - david takes a job a walmart greeter in colorado but quits during training to travel to canada to meet with goldmoney and has been an advocate of that questionable service ever since.

david is obviously hijacking PG attention and traffic to promote goldmoney with whom he has an affiliate marketing relationship. i don't think he is controlled opposition or a shill, he is just mediocre and self serving. PG is the most important material in the rapidly evolving information ecosystem atm and has the potential to bring down some truly evil MFs. david seaman is once again creating a 'buzz' for his own benefit but in this case the stakes are far too high for such bullshit.


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You know, I've been gradually noticing a pattern aswell, thank you for stating it so clearly and thanks to the user you replied to aswell. I noticed his videos down today and started to realize he always has some sort of sensational accident that makes people dump more money into him. But other than that he has helped spread awareness at the least and helped many people look deep into it. But I always wished he would source and show more examples, although it is better for some people to just have the majority of the content be mostly narrative. It just never did a whole lot of justice to me personally to not show what hes talking about. Edit: but someone like George Webb on youtube has never asked for a penny and goes deep deep into the investigation and sources everything.


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36:28 last sentence of highlighted area says it was funded by "the legendary Soros family".