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[–] Kcpedogate 2 points 20 points (+22|-2) ago 

David Seaman has been a huge help for spreading awareness for pizzagate. He might not be the one breaking the stories but he has been using his big platform to speak, courageously about Pizzagate. Don't let people fool you, Alex Jones and Seaman are pissing all the right people off, and they have risked everything talking about the trafficking of children. Let's stand behind them and not attcking them.


[–] herbsmoke ago 

they both refuse to mention zionism, and are both clearly spreading zionist propaganda for the pedos in the synagogue of satan. you saying we need to stand behind the gatekeeper media whores like these is highly suspect.


[–] Kcpedogate ago 

I believe that just like all Americans can't be judged by the American elites, neither can all jews be judged by the zionists.