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That reminds me of Victoria Martens from New Mexico who was 10 when she was drugged raped and dismembered by her mothers boyfriend and a friend. So fucking disgusted. I will gladly pump them full of bullets.

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This shlt is sooooo fucked! Absolutely fucking hate this feeling of helplessness/hopelessness. What's the point if we can't protect our young?!!!!!!!!!!

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I know how you feel.

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That's why we're doing what we're doing here, and at different boards all over the Internet. Our Government won't protect our kids (they're part of the problem), SO WE HAVE TO DO IT. We have to keep pushing and not give our momentum up. I know you feel hopeless, but this huge network were exposing didn't happen over night. They've been building it for decades! We can't dismantle it in a week It's going to take years! Step 1 is VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE. Forget about your regularly party affiliation and vote for someone NEW. WE HAVE TO GET THEM OUT OF POWER!

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I saw this sick story a few weeks ago, and guess who mom worked for?? MOM WORKED FOR CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES! CPS is a rotten from the bottom up as Podesta is.

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Talk about the fox guarding the chicken coop. I am so angered by this! WTF!!!!!!!?

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I know it's terrible. But more and more stories are coming out about CPS stealing kids for money, abusing kids and placing them in homes where their have previously been reports of physical and sexual abuse.

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Not Grace Packer. Here name was Susan Hunsicker dammit.

She was stolen from her parents along with two siblings in 2004 because her mother had neglected mental health issues. She was placed with a couple that immediately started abusing her as a toddler. At the time the adoptive 'mother' Sara Packer - if either of its names are real - worked as a caseworker and later adoption supervisor in Northampton County from 2003 onwards.

In 2011 the father David pleaded guilty to indecent assault and statutory sexual assault, but Susan was to remain with the Packer family. No investigation into the rest of the family and assorted sexual partners. No CPS monitoring. No Berks County Children and Youth Services to take her away like it had done six years before for much less.

David Packer was sentenced to 'six months to five years' in prison. He's 40 now and has been released. Sara Packer was suspended without pay in 2010, for unspecified reasons. That is, after 'fostering' a total of 30 children herself. Not to worry though, the Northampton County Adoption department will comb through all her past cases looking for red flags. Right.

This is what I was talking about here.

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I missed your post. Thanks for sharing. It is just such a sad story. I keep thinking about this poor girl. We failed her.

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Huh. That's strange. Bucks county popping up again. The home of American satanism. Bucks camping and fishing.

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You beat me to it. I think she is a she and either she is just hairy or on hormones. As much as I hate to say it, this freakshow goes on in probably every county in the US.

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Anyone notice the almost full beard of the ¨woman¨? Any chance she is actually a tranny?

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Probably a tranny, yes. These things are related. It's part of the larger scope of sexual perversion.

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I noticed that too! The "mother" (Sara Packer) looks a bit masculine.

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Think you might be onto something there.

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Only an hour away is Allentown, Pennsylvania - another hotbed of criminal corruption under slow-roll FBI investigation with ties to Racine, Wisconsin. The same things happening in Pennsylvania and DC are happening in Racine, Wisconsin. Investigators need to raid Racine immediately before more innocent lives are destroyed. It is a cesspool of evil and criminal corruption with ties to every major secret society involved.

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Having lived in Racine for 10 years, this is very curious to me.

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What a dreadful story! No one protected her ... no one. Not even the people whose duty it was to look after her. Hope all involved rot in hell!

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I read this on websleuths, horrific.

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