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  1. Curious that Tucson is the only American City with the distinction of UNESCO World City of Gastronomy. See Edible Arizona.

  2. These other Southern Arizona Cities may be the key to uncovering #TucsonGate by investigating the most recent commercial and residential property contracts or development agreements: Tubac and Casa Grande.

  3. Bianchi is curiously positioned near the Speedway and Euclid Development. Saw the signs for the development property and it too is complete with all of the symbols and signs everywhere. Also, this pizza store is worth investigating and contains cryptic language and symbols. See Lost Dogs Cafe in Tucson.

  4. Besides the pizza shops, Tucson has many banks, boutique stores, restaurants, apartment complexes, hotels, and various other commercial and residential compounds marked with all of the signs and symbols from FBI memorandum. See Arizona Inn (check Instagram); Lodge at Ventana Canon ; Food in Root at St. Phillips Plaza; see also The Pepper Group for its vile residential properties.

  5. Biggest lead so far is the recent announcement made by a Florida-based development company to build a related to a massive theme-park near the Monsanto farms in Casa Grande where a the VERY SHADY ROSE GROUP LAW FIRM IS BEHIND THE DEVELOPMENT CONTRACT. See Rose Law Group.

  6. The Casa Grande Community website is filthy. So is Tubac.

  7. Tucson Randolph Golf Course is a vile place too. The First Tee operates there at night and has several statutes on the grounds that indicate children lover, pyramids, and underground screams are heard. If you look at a map of the Randolph golf course, you will no doubt see that the entire community recreational area is packed with secluded structures with entrances to tunnels underneath. The Arroyo Chico Watershed project is a crucial area of investigation and maybe a transport service or link to more interesting leads.


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Rose Law Firm was the firm HRC worked at in AK. Same group?


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No it's a different law firm, started by Jordan R. Rose in Tuscon.

Did you get a load of Jordan's platform heals? Holy moses I haven't seen platform boots since Gene Simmons wore them in the 70s.