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My hairs didn't stand up but I felt that energy in a outburst. This is amazing. Months and Months of some of the most brilliant people ever researching and connecting the dots to have a confirmation this horrific genocide must end.


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Your hairs didn't stand 'cause you ain't no pedo or trafficker :) Watch the way his head moves from side to side, he never does it that much. That dramatic. It's like he's handing out a birthday present and can hardly keep from telling what's in the package!

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I agree , I only landed here after doing my own research on personal stuff I was investigating to save my brother from a sociopath of an ex wife . I was looking for anonymous help to bust her lol . I am not into politics at all , however I am into protecting our children from this disgusting vile practice of pedophiles. I was watching the anons on 4 chan to get tips on how to get dirt on people etc as I desperately needed to bust my sister n law . She could be HRCs daughter that is how corrupt she is . So on nov 4 th when CPP IG was still public I started digging along side these wonderfully talented anons and cannot stop till this is handled . I hadn't used my twitter much since 2009 but now that has all changed . I cannot ignore what I saw or have investigated .its hard to relax when this stuff is boiling behind the scenes . Work full time etc . It's also hard as I'm sure we all know , to talk to people who have no clue or they don't even wanna know. Even cops , firemen , that I've talked to in Cali say they never heard of pedo or pizzagate .😱 Maybe they are lying but I sure let them know that the whole internet is blowing their pedoring out of the water . I still cannot get over the LA sherif pedo badge πŸ˜” Sorry for the long post but wanted to share a little πŸ™‚


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Bless you.


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I will be proud to say I was on the right side of this one. Unless he completely drops the ball on this, history is truly about to be made.